Welcome to my first Stream with This Huge Skybird Airbus A380 by Peter Hager. Its Payware model, you can find it at petersaircraft.com. I know that landing was bumpy and so, but this airplane is really not very stable at landings. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to put the like and subscribe if haven’t still!!! 🙂

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    Keep a thumbnail like u made in the Emirates Dubai to London ! It attracted me ❤️✌️🔥

  2. Flugzeug Freak Reply

    Which knop did you press to get the Video on the pfd? When i press Video it starts on the lower Enginie Display, can you help me?

  3. Can you do a flight from Leeds Bradford to lanzarote? Just because my grandparents make that flight like once a month… wanna see what I’m missing 😂😂

  4. 1. You landing was shit dont say it's because plane is not stable you are the pilot of this plane in the simulator dont use it if you suck with it
    2. That taxiway in New York is not approved for 747 and a380 pretty much any heavy 4 engine plane
    3. You have all of my respect for doing a 8 hour flight not being the best building the courage for it
    Well done just improve and keep it up

  5. Vusuel Roblox Reply

    I don’t get how you know where the runway is because it doesn’t direct you on the map

  6. colombilatus Reply

    So this game is meant to represent real flying distant in times?

  7. Je Carry En Chaussons Reply

    How do you have the air france safety video for exemple at 31:17 ?
    It’s a plugin ?

  8. Ana Lovinanam Reply

    Is this plane good, no issues no bugs? I am asking because with jar design and flight factor I bought only half finished planes and on YouTube they all look look like they work and after you buy them they only half work and usually after they take the money they never come back to fix them they just keep pouring more unfinished planes….

  9. Phəńįx Ńøįř Reply

    Bonjour je pense que vous êtes le meilleur pilote de X-plane 11 👌😂

  10. how do you get the effects coming out of the reactors ?? (heat effects)

  11. My favorite plane and departure from my country… what to ask more? Love it !! 😊

  12. First Flight Reply

    That's beautiful 👍

    Where can I download this model? Any link? Thanks

  13. Ilyes453 ❶❶❶ Reply

    can you give me the links of your airport and the animations if you please

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