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  1. Chelsea Owen Reply

    Surprisingly she was very sloppy and didnt do good on this one she normally does great but wasnt even getting it all out on this one….

  2. Harold Fdo Mendoza Bueno Reply

    Me gustan mucho sus videos desde Cali Colombia u más es muy hermosa

  3. Carolyn Stevens Reply

    Why do you act like you are emptying the pores but you don't? You wipe and move on. You know leaving stuff behind makes the pores infected and the patients are forced to return. Like I've mentioned before your subscribers and hits will go up if you empty the pores let alone your patients will be healthier; please do the right thing.

  4. I love what she does! You can adjust the playback speed of your whatever you are using. Just click on the upper right side of the video. She's truly one of a kind!

  5. Rosane Baptista Reply


  6. Susan Eichler Reply

    I love it when you use the bamboo sleeves and show what it pulls out I also like the part where you cleared the nose of it made the skin look so much younger.

  7. I suggested her putting a piece of paper towel around her fingers to avoid slipping, just the way Josefa does. She answered saying she wasn't used to worke this way. Too bad she didn't even want to try.

  8. บุญทรง ทองแนบ Reply


  9. E A Maffett Reply

    Thank you, Húóng. I always appreciate your singing!
    Be Safe 😷 💕 and 🎶 🐾 Peace.

  10. Josiane Mielcarek Reply

    orry, i find that the technique of the fingers to press the pumps is not correct. see loan nguyen or sacdepspa. please continue ….

  11. Sharon Clarke Reply

    Great work Huong, Camera work brilliant. Minimal trauma. Thankyou again for a great watch 💜🤗💜

  12. I think this lady is ill. Her skin is too thin, she bleeds too easily. Maybe liver disease, or a severe deficiency? She probably knows and is being treated, but, just in case, please recommend she sees a doctor and has blood work done.

  13. Rebecca Watts Reply

    You are leaving a lot of stuff in there. Try to slow down and do a better job.

  14. Helen Money Reply

    Great video of treatment! I hope to see this client again.
    Thank you Huong for your beautiful singing, it's so relaxing. 🤗

  15. Jolanda van Lunteren Reply

    Am i the only one thinking that whiping the stuff all over the face and in the persons hair is nastier than putting it on her own gloves…..? Just wonder….

  16. Rosmarie Niesler Reply

    a wonderful video again, dear huong! how are you? how is your business at these times? i think, it's smaller, like the most, who are working with people! i'll help you as much as i can by watching your videos very often and sharing them!!

  17. Andreia Cecília Reply

    Alguém pode me dizer pq é esse pauzinho q passam no rosto pra q serve?

  18. Peter Sneddon Reply

    Another FANTASTIC job Hu'o'ng!!! #HuongIsTheBestPimplePopper. Lovely singing again too! SO glad this lady has come to you – you will make her SO MUCH BETTER. Lots of luv-n-hugs, Peter 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx

  19. Gloria Paddock Reply

    Fantastic video and pops. You did an awesome job Huong, thank you.👏🏼💖❤️🥰

  20. JourneysWithJae Reply

    Maybe you can slow down a little. You didn’t even squeeze out the pores in most places. Couldn’t even see some of the pops cause the face was so oily and you couldn’t get a good grip. Squeeze not scrape.

  21. Zeynep kurtuluş Reply

    I don't like you for distributing the stuff everywhere and how many times have we said it!

  22. Your finger is over most of the holes and then you slide all over the place. Use cotton to pop so you don’t slip and you get all the contents out. You left some in a few.

  23. Anne-Marie Pardies Reply

    Je vous suis depuis un moment et j'adore vos vidéos et surtout la personne que vous êtes : chaleureuse, souriante, professionnelle.👏👏👏👏
    N'êtes vous pas la soeur de Loan Nguyen ?
    A bientôt 🌞🌞🌞🌞

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