If you enjoyed the feeling of being an intrepid adventurer, exploring uncharted lands and forging your own way in these untamed landscapes, and you are looking for games like Terraria, we have listed 13 games you may find similar to it.

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Games like Terraria:
Starbound – 00:09
Minecraft – 00:46
Junk Jack – 01:21
Craft the World – 01:55
King Arthur’s Gold – 02:30
Treasure Adventure Game – 03:15
Magicite – 03:50
Portal Knights – 04:17
Signs of Life – 04:54
Crea – 05:20
Deepworld – 05:53
Epic Inventor – 06:22

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1. Happy 8bit Loop 01 by Tristan Lohengrin |
2. Land Of Pirates | The Grand Score by Alexander Nakarada |
3. One Small Rover by Alexander Nakarada |

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  1. depressed sad Reply

    Minecraft is not like Terraria and Terraria is not like Minecraft

  2. me: sees some good games im actually interested in

    my broke ass: no

  3. Lizza Mari Ocampo Reply

    Minecraft ain't like terraria. Minecraft was released 2009

  4. Gonzalo Capel Reply

    ''exiciting games like terraria''
    12- Epic Inventor…

  5. Chorosenko Triuglić Reply

    If in Astroneer you can terraform then I'm buying it!

  6. ConnorGames133 Reply

    terraria is nothing like mc dont compare too amazing games like that

  7. Mr.Realism 111 Reply

    Deep world died hard and now it's no longer able to play 🙁

  8. Just Someone Reply

    I can't believe you missed out Blockheads, it's like terraria and minecraft merged together, it's both playable in PC and Android 😀

    Edit: Where's Growtopia too…?

  9. you forgot the best one. check out NOITA is compleet new its realy good

  10. shadow gaming Reply

    Minecraft is a completely game terraria is 2d and minecraft is 3d butt they seem the same

  11. unknown boi Reply

    Wth why minecraft in minecraft you don't get to bring your stuff. Always only in one world

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