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The pawn storm is generally regarded as a situation in which the pawns form a ‘chain’ are creating a ‘storm’ with the main aim of attacking the opponent’s king by opening lines (files) for attack. .

Our guest coach IM Asaf Givon will teach you about certain important principles you should keep in mind when you want to attack your opponent’s king with a pawn storm or to successfully defend your opponent’s pawn storm.

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  1. Mario expropiacion Petronilo Reply

    Great video! Nice games thoroughly explained! Thank you!!!

  2. Harsh Sharma Reply

    the best video on youtube on the topic. Brilliant lesson to learn

  3. MrBolaextra Reply

    In the first game, when white is attacking with a pawn storm, what happens with the f-pawn? Isn't it bad to leave it so far behind in the attack?

  4. Dave Humphreys Reply

    At 2:54, when white plays g4, where would his bishop have gone if black had played …g6? This seems to trap the bishop dosen't it?

  5. Dan O'Hanlon Reply

    That was an excellent and instructive chess lesson! Thank you very much

  6. you move blindly >>> white will lose his white-square-bishop on f5 after black plays …g6 the bishop is out of squares so white will lose both of his bishops and that's very bad especially in the end game >>> you should mention that cause chess is not only pawn storm but also strategy

  7. Daniel Manahan Reply

    why castle queenside first and then start moving the pawns when instead you can leave your king the option of castling long or short, move at least one pawn, get a head start, and then castle queenside?

    it seems to me that once you start the pawn storm race by giving away the address of your king, your opponent can start when you do, and you miss an opportunity to get a one move head start

    in other words, if you move h4 first, wait to see what black does, if black does not move his queen side pawns, you castle queen side, giving yourself a one move head start, all assuming black's extra move before you castle is not a useful move in preventing your pawn storm

    kind of like a waiting move with h4

  8. Vadim VeeVoit Reply

    at 23 :12 the simplest way to win is pawn H7 to check the king

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