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  1. Linda Grimes Reply

    I send to watch Huong all the time, but I really think she has lost her touch. It seems as though she is always in a hurry, not emptying the pores properly and those gloves flailing all around makes it so hard to see what she is doing. I wonder f she has burned out because there really isn’t any respect left for the clients skin or how much pain they are in. I’m so sorry to say this,but unless she slows dow and tries harder to treat the clients, I’m afraid she is losing viewers.

  2. Margie McPeak Reply

    Hu'o'ng, I REALLY wish you would wipe the oil & perspiration from the client's faces when they get so slippery! You need to wipe your fingertips off when they are oily, too! Your extractions will be more thorough & enjoyable! Thanks!

  3. Wow! She must need to get off early. Please slow down. I can’t tell what’s happening!🥴. I had to slow you down on playback so I could see!

  4. Cherie Lundberg Reply

    You need to slow down it like you don't care if you get them out or how you get them out . Also your finger is in the way of the pores so that's one reason they are not coming out to good . I will still watch your videos but please take your time you are helping these people out who need it and they should get it with care.

  5. Linda Johnson Reply

    Please slow down. Don't smear the filaments all,over. Just a little more cleaner.,would like to see the face washed once in a while. Other than than more before and after pictures.

  6. Roberta Baptista Reply

    Não gostei porque aperta muito rápido e não da para ver direito

  7. please be gentle to customer faces. i look at every of your video. you sometimes hit at the wrong places that why it gets blood.. and u miss many acne at the faces. u need to learn from loan nguyen spa. they very profesional

  8. Soft piano 🎹music in the background is a nice touch. Question: were you able to completely empty all the pores? Nice work. 🏵🏵🏵🏵

  9. sandra moore Reply

    Keep hoping you'll get at least marginally better but you never do 🤷‍♀️ I hate your technique!!!

  10. PizzaPete1958 Reply

    Videos are getting worse. Fire the camera operator for being too close and so shaky. I'm going to be sick.

  11. Marilyn OConnell Reply

    You need some non slip finger pads! A fake finger nail in your glove would also help your fingernail from bending. You could get under the acne easier to squeeze it out! Not complaining, just a couple things I learned when I was working that really helped me.
    You do a good job!

  12. Changing playback speed won't fix how jumpy & annoying the camerawork is! Your camera operator needs to be steadier instead of weaving all over the place.

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