How easy is it to COMPLETELY CHEESE THE HORDE and stay totally safe? With as little material and effort as possible, can we let the zombie horde pass us by? I think so!

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The BRAND NEW ALPHA 18 comes with a raft of changes completely overhauling the 7 Days to Die experience.

New weapons, new graphics, new worlds and new optimisation means the game has taken a giant leap forward!

Hey Survivors,
We are proud to announce that the ‘Alpha 18 Streamer Weekend’ is finally here. We have partnered with over 130 streamers from 27 countries.

We will be running the Streamer Weekend event from Friday, October 4th starting at 12 pm CST through Sunday, October 6th. Expect a public experimental to follow sometime Monday afternoon October 7th.

Many will be streaming all weekend and giving away Free Keys. Check their channels for their upcoming weekend schedules. These are being broadcast in many languages so scroll down to find yours.

Alpha 18 is finally here! To make Alpha 18 a great build we combed through hundreds of community reviews and forum posts to compile a large list of the most common Alpha 17 feedback. You spoke, we listened, and committed a ton of effort and resources to address what the Team and Community felt needed improving.

We think folks will notice this effort and believe Alpha 18 to be by far the most impressive version of the game to date. And, we suspect you’ll come back.


Title music: Dance Distinction – Sebastien Greenberg


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  1. Not everything needs to be big and bold, sometimes a ZOMIE-PROOF BASE is easier than you think!

    ►Help support JaWoodle and get EXTRA content on Patreon!

  2. Brian Miller Reply

    @JaWoodle I have found you today, watched several of your vids, came to comments of this one to see if anyone suggested a walk around like in your killing corridor and see ppl complaining about volume and speed of speech… Guess they do not watch sports and cant figure out volume control. I would rather be able to hear, even if some have to reduce volume than try to hear the all to common mumblers who full volume you still can not hear half the things they say. And don't get me started on ppl doing asmr in their videos, putting me to sleep with their bored voice (I am guilty of that when I made videos… so not judging, just saying). Keep up the good work, and if ppl are so simple they can not adjust volume or speed, well, they probably could not make your tips work anyway, just saying.

  3. wont take long for that to collapse once they dig around and under it.
    the pits walls should be at least cobble. then the first thing they do is stairs to the floor.
    It wont work for the horde without significant work.

  4. Слава сталину Reply

    Is this a Minecraft let's play or something?
    this is the type of guy that during primary school he'd reach under the desk and eat the chewed bubble gum stuck underneath and call it free real estate

  5. I made this base (a little bigger, but it's mainly a tower) and Zombies are trying to break through the walls. Anyone know how i can fix this?

  6. Yammo Yammamoto Reply

    After mentioning "wet cum-rag"…. and building a toilet-sized "safe-house"… You can't just go "We don't want them cumming through the walls…". Geezes dude. 🙂

  7. Holy fuck I had to stop watching this video, the bloke is just way to over the top, to full on

  8. I loved it back when they couldn’t dig and wood was cheaper lmao.

  9. Windy Tanner Reply

    Okay am i an idiot how tf do you have your hunger and thirst on your screen without having to go to your stats??

  10. D3ATHDUDE 2 Reply

    I did this base… got me to day 28 when I fell off the bridge into the cave of death😂

  11. The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio Reply

    Day 14 : They spawned around back and immediately started beating back/side wall… shot at them from roof…fell off roof…ran for dear life to base (fenced gas station)… hopped up on wall…shot more…overrun…ran and hopped on bike…rode around from 23:00 ish until morning, being chased by the rest.

  12. This doesnt work. They spawn from behind and then just swarm the base, the only way to get them hustling on the ramps is to step outside the door which defeats the purpose. they can also sprint across if there are enough of them. this design is a quick way to die.

  13. Donald Zeigler Reply

    What would be wrong with putting wood stakes in the bottom of the hole?

  14. Austin Root Reply

    Wish I had a nice flat area like that… tried to build it in a random world/seed and I ended up in a desert biome. It's so… hilly and the terrain is all at different heights and such. I built this same thing but even when I was standing smack-dab in the middle, between the open doors, zombies were just walking up and smacking the sides of the hut rather than going around front and falling in the pit. No idea why it isn't working, other than my only guess being because the terrain is weird and messing with the pathing – they have a solid clear line from the wedge tips to around and inside the front though. @_@

    Edit: I'm not really sure why, but I think it started working. I had zombies aggro closer to the 'front' of the trap and I figured 'What the hell, why not try again' and they lined up and fell right down the hole. No telling if it would work for a horde or from the sides (How do you use all those tools and such? I swear I have creative mod enabled, though nothing but the flying works… with any of the hotkeys assigned.) Either way, it's a better bet for safety than before. Here's hoping it stays this way!

  15. Fool The Royal Reply

    The base design is sure to have zombies come through the back side of the base. Further, in later horde nights they'll dig out the underside of your base and make it collapse on you.

  16. Ok so I tried this and have notes:

    Was on day 19 or 20, dug 4 or 5 squares down.

    Day 21: good, but they managed to dig up under my floor

    Dug about 7 squares down. Surrounded base with barbed wire fences (only surrounding the three walls; nothing coming up to the front)

    Day 28: no problem at all, but I do feel as if the molotov's I threw helped as it prevented them from digging around too much

    Day 35: not good. I stuck to the doorway but a shitload of them crashed through the back wall and tossed me into the pit. Survived them and two more hoards, died on the last rush as guns failed and ammo was out. Worst case scenario

    I just finished Day 36, where I surrounded the first two block heights of the base with iron fence. dug a 1 block deep trench and filled it with wooden spikes, which I built 3 high

    Overall, love this base concept. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Trumps Wall Reply

    First bl now and that base would be a crater from a exploding zed

  18. Trumps Wall Reply

    With current update now bloom moon is solid I'm on day 14 blood moon with daily bl still alive this base sucks

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