Square Off – the app-connected computer chess board that moves its own pieces.
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A few people queried why I didn’t show the inside workings. It honestly just didn’t cross my mind. I imagine everyone here can already picture exactly what will be inside without having to see it. It’s going to be a small circuit board attached to something that looks a bit like a flatbed X/Y plotter arm with a magnet on the end.
I thought about going back and adding a section in to show the internals for the sake of completeness – but I couldn’t see a way to open it non-destructively.
However if you really really are desperate to see the insides – then just search for ‘Inside Magic Chessboard’ on youtube – but you’ll almost certainly wish that you hadn’t bothered.

Q) How does it deal with castling?
A) You can see this (twice) in the video – watch the section with the streamed game.

Q) How does it deal with pawn promotion
A: Answer from here:
“When you are promoting a pawn the app pops up with four choices Queen (the board comes with two), Rook, Knight, Bishop. You pick your promotion and it recognizes it from there.”

Q) How does the little horse ‘jump over’ the other pieces?
A) There’s no anti-gravity technology employed – but you can see the Knight manoeuvring around pieces at 8:53

Q) Where did you get that phone stand
A) It was included in the box – it’s the same as this one on Amazon (affiliated link)

Q) That wasn’t Check Mate in McMullet & Blowhard?
A) It wasn’t a real beard either.

CORRECTION: It’s approx 30 years since I last played chess, not 20 as stated in the video.



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  1. You'll find links and a bit more information in the Video Description Text Box.
    Read this too if you think you want to know WHAT IS INSIDE THE BOARD?

  2. watchyMCFCwatchy Reply

    I wonder what would happen if you put computer vs computer.

  3. Kittensniper -_- Reply

    his room is a god damn optical illusion i looked up from the screen and could see into another dimension

  4. Machinehead Jp Reply

    Those beeps are annoying , they could use a Woody knock sound

  5. When I watched this I keep thinking about that one Cowboy BeBop when Ed was playing with the old guy and Ed losing.

  6. Steven Edwards Reply

    That's a very impressive piece of kit. It would also be great fun break out casually in front of superstitious people.

  7. SpeedySnail Reply

    Play with friends…
    "I don't have any friends"
    *awkward chuckle

  8. Bennett3207 Reply

    actually that isnt checkmate… king to c6 lets you live at least another turn

  9. If you want to get into chess as an adult get hold of a book called " modern chess openings" its a description ( move by move) of a LOT of the chess openings and the defences. The moves are analyzed so you cannot only see what but WHY the move is made.

  10. xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG Reply

    Me: Sees the table
    My Mom: could you pass the salt?
    Me: 😀

  11. Man just got to put some piece themes from the the first Harry Potter movie and have the pieces actually destroy each other and this will be a dream come true.

  12. For some reason the motorized sound reminded me of the vortex from that old 80s series The Adventure Game.

  13. The Amazing Stories Reply

    WEY! esta de no pinches mames este ajedrez, nunca lo habia visto y yo lo quiero! es algo genial para aprender a jugar fisicamente si no tienes a nadie con quien practicar.

  14. You mentioned Battlechess and I had a bunch of childhood flashbacks.
    Thank you for that. lol

  15. Must be something wrong with your chessgame, nothing wrong to move that piece

  16. Corey Smith Reply

    Now just hook up some voice recognizing software and you have whole ass wizard's chess.

  17. i NEVER buy something that requires a APP to work, like you already mentioned, these servers will go offline as soon as the company is losing money, and than the profduct you bought is useless.

  18. Battery Exhausted Reply

    Dude just made me want to play a game of chess in 2020. Do they make Chess Royale now or is it DOTA chess? (Just realising yes, it is Dota Autochess…)

  19. Battery Exhausted Reply

    I thought all the pieces were going to move from the sidelines and assemble in place at the start. Shame.

  20. Daniel Pinilla Reply

    12:10 dis dude saying "Ah, the sicilian defense!" when the other guy's playing white :U.
    No shame, we ain't all chess nerds.

  21. WhiteJiggaboo Reply

    This looks interesting and the app doesn't seem like a big deal because it uses chess.com which is a will probably always be functional.

  22. • Sterben • Reply

    You're just not looking at it and doing moves without thinking.

  23. Keith Whisman Reply

    I wanted this chess set (one like this one back in the late 1980s early 1990s) when I saw it in a mall a long time ago here in Phoenix Arizona. I remember thinking the future was near. Sad.y I couldn’t afford it but I did buy a RadioShack computer chess machine that I still have but sadly it doesn’t move the pieces.

  24. Gary Cameron Reply

    The chess board on the screen looks very similar to the Sargon series for the Apple II series back in the 1980s.

  25. Take an A.I. and create two players. Let them learning playing one against the other and in a couple of days will be able to watch the most brilliant chess games of your life.

  26. Sphynx dust Reply

    "Play with friends…..um i dont have any friends" quite relatable i see

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