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Today’s Show: Baseball Tomy Pocket Game

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Nguồn: https://vikings-jersey.net/

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  1. Nehemiah Pouncey Reply

    I had something similar to
    This.it was a Flintstones one i got
    For Christmas.
    It was all good till some boy ran
    Down the street with it.
    Dumb idiot.

  2. Jason Gamino Reply

    I had so many of these pocket games. I wish I still had them all

  3. RobTheJungleRat Reply

    I think I had this as a kid. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about baseball, so I never actually played it seriously. I just flipped the switches and tried to hit the ball into the target.

  4. rainbowcemetery Reply

    i had this one as a kid also. having to track your own bases and runs made it more engaging to me somehow, like only my extreme baseball knowledge elevated me to the point where i could play it properly 😮

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