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►Best Game Ever – Undertale

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Animation – Ben Tobitt:
Music – Castle Meinhoff – Puffballs United:

A-Ha – Take On Me (8 Bit Remix Cover Version):
Undertale – Megalovania:
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – Rose Town:
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – 月乃 うさぎSERENA:
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – Rainbow Roads (w Timid Soul):
ナニダトnanidato – Mix 4 A M D I S C S – 2015:
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I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith (Backing Track):
Undertale – Megalovania Piano Arrangement:
MtH – Genocide Adventure 2:

Drop Pop Candy – Sans and Papyrus:
Spider Dance:
Undertale Wrestling:
UNDERTALE animation: Assgore:
“You posed dramatically”:
undyne the undying:
Flowey’s Transformation:
Final Breath:
UNDERTALE Release Trailer:
[undertale] genocide run.mp4:
Sans Battle – Stronger Than You:
MEGALOVANIA – Undertale Animation:
it’s time to stop:
Undertale – Steam Train:
Megalovania… KAZOO’d!:
Top 10 Facts – Undertale:
Nitro Rad – Undertale REVIEW:

That one really cool sans animation i can’t find the source for.
EDIT: Found by robmikh:

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  1. Therealpaul Kaminsky Reply

    I don’t agree but I respect your opinion the soundtrack is amazing but the story is not realistic like not killing won’t make people not kill people who don’t want peace is the only way for peace I’ve played it I’ll watch the video to change my mind but the thing I don’t like is pacifism doesn’t work in real life if it did then we would have world peace

  2. SymphoniaFly Reply

    I know this video is like four years old now, but I just rewatched it and that part where you brought of Tales of Symphonia gave me the slightly disturbing realization that Flowey and Mithos are pretty dang similar. o.O

  3. Greenbook Reclaim Reply

    I thought. I really thought I appreciated Undertale.
    But I didn't play it, I'm never going to play it cus I don't have a PC. So I spoiled everything. And even ruined my brother's experiance, when he asked me how to defeat Torial on his first play through.
    And when he finaly gave me a chance to play Undertale for myself. I was greated by Flowey. Pleading to not play the game again. 'Go make a flowey fan club.'
    And I actually began to get emotional. I teared up alone looking at that screen. And I decided to leave things as they are. Without a true reset.
    (And that's my game experiance of undertale. The personal ending.)

  4. Lind the Chaotic Heretic Reply

    Undertale taught me that no matter what I do, so long as I have my name, I am a hateful, murderous, sociopath because I play videogames, especially RPGs.

  5. ianfleischman82 Reply

    The music in itself makes the experience of the game magical.

  6. 15:13 it was hype yeah, but it felt very artificial to me. Like… As soon as it was obvious there was no way to lose it just kinda… lost its magic for me. Like "yeah yeah yeah I'm just going to dodge these generally easy to dodge attacks"
    I didn't even do the genocide route… but the sans fight probably has that kind of energy and challenge to boot.

  7. Michael and Mightyfidif Reply

    I wish this dude went and played OneShot… that would be amazing

  8. Katie Whomst Does Not Understand Things Reply

    "don't forget, I'm with you in the dark" sounds a lot scarier now

  9. Katie Whomst Does Not Understand Things Reply

    I forgot how batshit horrifying and brilliant ut was… goddammit toby!!!

  10. Absolutely fantastic video. You are absolutely worthy of a like and a sub. Thank you for making this.

  11. Without Name Reply

    Best game best soundtrack best story telling
    Me: * you feeling gonna have good time

  12. Zayac_the_Engineer Reply

    I made a true reset. Named the fallen child "Dio". Started genocide. Watched in the mirror. "It's me, Dio". Uninstalled game.

  13. The Cyclone Reply

    …are you future me…one punch man is my favorite anime(same level as dragon Ball super)and undertale is my favorite game!…YOU ARE!!!

  14. I didn't see the hype. I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
    I regret not experiencing UNDERTALE first hand. I vow to play all future Toby Fox creations as soon as they release. That started a few days ago, with Little Town Hero.

  15. Undertale is the best game ever (for me), I play pacifist and genocide and the story is so sad.

    And the fandom is fantastic, fan created some AU's

  16. I'm randomly rewatching this video while drunk and it made me wonder…
    Did Best Guy do the first Megalovania meme cut?

  17. I am a true man and will not play the genocide run. Feel too bad.

  18. diabolical b.n.p Reply

    The only charecter in genocide I didn't want to kill Toriel 🙁

  19. Ruby Folsom Reply

    What about the people who only played pacifist once??? Are we evil?

  20. Stavros Georgiou Reply

    This game always makes me shed manly tears everytime I go through the pacifist ending

  21. Look BGE I love your channel and I’m watching back your old videos but seriously Undertale is a shit game. It’s such contrived bullshit. I honestly found none of the characters to be all that likeable and the genocide route is truly the only semi decent way to experience the game from a gameplay perspective. Otherwise it’s all narrative and very moderate to easy gameplay. I’m a gamer BGE and I’m in it for a challenge and fun mechanics not some shit narrative about fish lesbians and spaghetti skeletons.

  22. I watched the video because it was a BGE video I hadn't watched yet. This whole metanarrative garbage never interested me 'cause it's all so shallow.

    You can't analyse me, you dingus.

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