Bop It Extreme The Ultimate Party Game. How far would you go to obey Bop It?

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Bop It Extreme The Ultimate Party Game – Studio C


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  1. The Teal Axolotl Reply

    When Jason told me to lick the screen… I did it something is wrong with me

  2. JoAnna Morris Reply

    I actually licked the screen 😛
    I’m actual willing to lick pretty much anything, I wouldn’t be scared to do this-
    iM jUsT wEiRd tHaT wAy.

  3. CyberRobloxplayer Reply

    I feel bad for the guy who had to lick it I mean it said “lick it” like 7 to 10 times

  4. Watching this during covid and am viewing this in a totally different light

  5. Im a Idiot ;w; Reply

    Lick it,,,,lick it,,,,lick it,,,lick it lickk it lick it lick it lick it xD

  6. Some Random Gamer Animator Reply

    First Studio C video I ever saw and it always stocked with me ever since!

  7. I feel bad for all of them, they all have to touch spit, and it's so disgusting. It's so weird how nobody else cares about licking. Matt's just crying, but everybody else faces the same thing

  8. Andrew NorthWest Reply

    If you don’t like bop it… please go to the doctor (I’m so sad they stopped making Extreme, they probably think our generation is too stupid so they make it easier)

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