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‘Assist’ Contents creates interest in “To Assist” ■

“To Assist” is so much fun!
This is an educational app (children’s game) of “Crayon Shin-chan” which is very popular among both children and grown ups. Try your hand at various things while playing this game!

From assisting in the house such as “Cleaning” or “Doing the laundry”, there are a lot of things to do such as “Shopping” or “Taking care of pets”.
Even if you do not know how to do and in what order, it is a lot of fun because you can do it easily while playing the game with Shin-chan!
Kids learn with fun how “To Assist” through playing the “pretend to” game.

“Go Shopping!”
Try your hand at “Shopping” in the supermarket! If you remember what you want, put it in a basket and checkout. You get the sense of money by paying correctly at the cash counter.

“Do Laundry!”
Put the laundry in the washing machine and switch on! Press the button and make the laundry spin around. When the laundry is done… go outside and hand the clothes to dry! Where should I hang these?

“Clean Up!”
First, clean up the puzzle. Prepare the vacuum cleaner quickly like a master, and attack all the Dust-Kids in the room! The steps of cleaning are perfectly done with this.

“Sushi Restaurant!”
We all are at the Sushi Bar today! There is Tuna, Yellow Tail, not to forget the melon, and the pudding. We’ll get our sushi according to everyone’s request from the rotating chain of sushi. How many can you eat?

In addition, new “To Assist” is added every month.

■ The aim of the app ■

The theme is to make the character connect with the children, and provide a valuable opportunity that guides them towards actual “Assisting” through simulated experiences that are useful in day to day life.

In “Crayon Shinchan Operation Little Helper”, with substantial volume of rich content and the detailed rendition attract the interest of the child who begins to be eager “to assist”. Moreover, even with games such as shopping, DIY, etc. in which the parents may worry that their presence is necessary, it is possible for the child to experience as much as the child likes at any time by using the application.

Please enjoy while indulging in parent and child communication.


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