How to Solve CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED on WINDOWS 10 and fix Constant restarting error on windows 10.
How to Fix “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then you can restart.(100% complete)”.

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Solved: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart error on Windows 10.


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  1. Dave Mueller Reply

    I'm trying to fix my laptop because my dad wants it after me and I don't want to let him down, this didn't work 😭

  2. Abhishek kumar Reply

    Please anyone is hear to help me
    I m in big problem help me😣😣😭😭😭

  3. Rajita veni Reply

    Wow thank you so much. It’s been one year I stopped using my laptop. I just wanted to give it a try by checking YouTube videos and it really worked. Thanks a lot.

  4. NIRAJ YADAV Reply

    there is no advance option its just keep restarting and crashing 😭

  5. It started but when you start again it come again and you have to do same procedure why

  6. Thank goodness you are my savior
    My bro will surely kill me if i didn't fix his laptop💀😩😌

  7. Shree Sawant Reply

    I tried this it helps but every time I open my laptop I see this, is there a permanent. Solution?

  8. Please nothing comes for me it is just the blue screen forever. Can someone help me


    Thanks. ,But whenever I restart my laptop those error occurred.

  10. 【ThUpAkKi JaGz】 Reply

    What is power button and home button… Thn the lap is on or off

  11. What to do if after the bsod it doesnt turn u to preparing automatic repair but bios?

  12. Don’t download Fortnite cheats man or else you have to deal with crap like this…

  13. TrentTheFurfag Reply

    it blue screens shortly after preparing automatic repair with a 0x000021a message and shuts off my pc

  14. Mukham Malangmei Reply

    I dnt get d restart n advanced optoon after trying for several times…wat should i do??😭

  15. Edivam da Conceição Martins Nunes Junior Reply

    Thank You so much. It really worked. After almost 1 year I wasn't using my laptop… God bless you for always.

  16. Jahida Nisha Begum Reply

    Thankyou thankyou thank you a lot sir …. i never cmnt but this video is really valuable …. god bless u

  17. Thanks for this one.. But how can you stop this from happening ever again.? .. I encountered the same error after a month

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