Tom Vasel takes a look at a cupcake making economy game!

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  1. Played earlier prototypes a few times (the designers are local to me) and liked it quite a bit. LOVE the theme and the final art and components are gorgeous!

  2. I just want to point out that when you move dice from the Rest Area you get to choose where they go (you don't have to roll them as Tom said). In this way, rolling a 6 is quite powerful because you can pay to place that die where you need it, when you need it.

  3. Moniek Vroomen Reply

    This game did not click for us at all, since we thought the player interaction was way too little.. also, turns did not seem to go quick at all, and seeing as you already know what you'll do next turn at the end of your current turn, we found we were just waiting for everyone to play out their move in order for us to do whatever the dice told us. Granted, it was a first game with some AP prone players, but for me it was such a let down (I was really excited to get it last Essen) that I sold it quite quickly..

  4. Loved this game. Light but compelling. Exactly as long as it needs to be.

  5. Drake Meyers Reply

    That dice mechanic for determining action and then reroll is pretty amazing, at least the idea. Bravo for where ever that idea came up from.

  6. Like food themed games but never played Food Chain Magnate. monkaHmm

  7. This game was on my " interested" list for Essen since I heard Mandi say that it's Food chain magnate light. Didn't get a chance to play it then, since the table was always full, hopefully some time in the future.

  8. Amy Francesca Reply

    At first glance, I would have given this a pass. Too many food themed games do not have great mechanics, and/or the theme is not all that exciting or well woven into the game. Your review, however, has me interested. This definitely looks like it would be a hit in our family, especially with our daughters. Thank you!

  9. Played this at UKGE and really enjoyed it, will look to pick it up sometime

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