You never know what you’ll discover during an expedition into the aisles of your local thrift store. Every now and then, you unearth an artifact that’s so unexpected, so bizarre, so indescribably otherworldly, it could only have come into being through extraterrestrial intervention. Prepare to discover the retro board game Divorce Court.

You have been warned.

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(From the instruction sheet): Object of the Divorce Court retro game is to move as many WEBB-STICKERS as each player can in the WEBB-SITE.


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  1. Andre Souza Reply

    Two years later, and this is still my favorite Thrift Sift video, and one of my favorite videos of all time on PoDP!!! hahaha I must have seen it half a dozen times, already!

  2. IronSalamander8 Reply

    I'm a Star Fleet Battles so used to very complex rules and listening to you read those rules out loud was headache inducing. Also confused what divorce court has in common with web stickers and labyrinths. Maybe it's called divorce court since your spouse will file if you try to make them play this?

  3. really need a running total of people who googled that website and got a smile outta seeing u really did buy the domain name. NICE. lmao.

  4. Manesh Kapahi Reply

    You sit get a like just for getting me to check out the website 😛

  5. Masticina Akicta Reply

    This game… oh. Some laywer somewhere must have thought. "If you can make games about banking and insurances. Why not make one about divorce."

    Seriously, some people don't get that games are about fun. And what is fun might differ from person to person but there are very few who like this kind of game. There might be 2 people.. the designer and his friend that is.

  6. timmyturner493 Reply

    You're an inspiration to interstellar diplomats throughout the cosmos, truly. <3

  7. Sebastien Zander Reply

    It doesn't have paper money. Truly our overlords from beyond the stars are merciful.

  8. At 9:19–9:26, how did the car get turned around in the garage?

  9. Radosław Lewandowski Reply

    Dear Chaz, have you tried access the game website via Internet archive?:

  10. Rowell Ilog Reply

    I didn't think you actually relaunched the website! Good one Chaz!

  11. TC Petty III Reply

    I was like, "this alien joke is so lame, he can't possibly keep it going for the entire video, can he?" Oh yes. Yes he can. But, wow does this build up to something impressively ridiculous. After watching this video and the one about how through inept bureaucracy you were able to use the community center for free, I think I'm hooked.

  12. Reminds me of "Couples Council" from "Video Game High School"!

  13. See Chaz here is what I think happened. 

    Your friends knew you were doing a thrift sift and they arranged to punk you with a fake game. What you are experiencing is just an extract from Tom Vassell sneezing over a badly considered playtest idea. 

    great work there though @PairOfDice Paradise

  14. Thanks a lot Chaz….(shaking head)…you just killed mankind. Now the aliens will know we are a high intelligence and off us faster than a Martin Scorsese film! I thought the recycling plant said Roswell at first, bout fell out of my broken chair at work cuz of you. Also I saw that Rodney Smith had a 32 part instructional video on how to play this game.

  15. Pair Of Dice Paradise Reply

    The Divorce Court board game was made by aliens, and I have proof.

  16. Board Game Theater Game Toppers Reply

    Buhaaaaaa. Buha buhaaaaa. Buha Haaaaa. You are an alien deciephering genius! If only you had this skills during 2001 Space Odessey. Crazy funny!

  17. After Further Review With Steve Tower Reply

    What an amazingly funny video! Great work Chaz, already looking forward to the next dive into the thrift!

  18. I better call my Rules Lawyer and make sure he keeps me away from Divorce Court at any cost. 🙂

  19. pencilpauli Reply

    I rather suspect that abduction and anal probing is preferable.

  20. BIG SPIN HUG?  Uh oh… wasn't there a spider web or something in the game?  Maybe it is a broken English way of saying that they will cocoon us up by spinning us into their webs and then "hugging" all of the juice out of us!  O_o

  21. Sweetestsadist Reply

    Don't worry. The website really wasn't much help.

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