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P.s: I forgot to mention on the video how to fold the board. The board itself is cut in the middle in one of the sides as you know. What you have to do is carefully cut the print on top of the board cut. Following that cut line on the other side of the board, The board itself is not cut on that side but you have to cut the print carefully so you don’t cut the board with it. After doing this you’ll be able to fold the board like a regular monopoly board.

✦ Harry Potter Monopoly board templates:

Credits to the creator of the design:

✦ Harry Potter Monopoly Money templates:

– I cannot find the person who created the money, because I found the template on pinterest. –

✦ The board halves and the box designs have to be printed in 17 x 22 paper! I ordered mine from this website:

✦ Music by

✔ Instagram: my.little.corner

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  1. awesome. really. my daughter is crazy for harry potter and I think I will gift her that on her birthday

  2. Lena Mishra Reply

    how big should you print the board templates on? would A3 be suitable

  3. Urjita Karshinkar Reply

    Thanks for sharing your idea to us we are so big fan of HARRY POTTER'S we hope you give us more ideas and harry Potter room decor ideas and much more about it……………………………………………. THANKS ONCE AGAIN 😃 👦👓⚡📙

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    Is all this work cheaper then the 50$ to buy a licenced edition?


    How much did all the materials cost for this? Great video though

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    nice work you have done there!!
    if i want to print them in a A4 paper, how i should procced ?

  7. Est-ce-que ce serait possible de le faire sans avoir besoin au passage de niquer un plateau de Monopoly ? Parce que ça reviens cher le DIY, je dis ça, je dis rien

  8. Jeevan Teja Reply

    Hey Hi! I am unable to open the template links in the description. Could you please help me?

  9. Thank you for sharing… we are about to create one – my daughter and I… we love it!

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  11. Matthew's Corner Reply

    This looks really cool! I plan to make a Percy Jackson Monopoly, so thanks for giving me an idea of how to make it.

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    Is there supposed to be another "potions" template? All I see is one labeled "potions2" and "potionsback".

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    2. How did you make the PDFs into a JPEG?
    3. Do you have any rules for this version or game pieces?

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