This video uses annotations next to the gameplay. More information may also be found in this description, below.

In Super Mario 64 DS, there is a feature in which you can draw a picture on the Touch Screen by touching the face of Mario or Yoshi on the title screen to bring up a Mario, Yoshi or Luigi outline and then touching the green pencil.

If we create many dots in the same position until the ink gauge runs out, then the game may create long lines which form out of the area where we placed the dots. Additionally, segments of the area where we placed the dots appear to ‘float together’ as lines.

When the picture is moved around the form and position of the long lines can change. You can have it change from a ‘/’ to a ‘V’ and sometimes you can bend the lines in a way that gives off the illusion of using a slingshot.

This glitch was apparently documented by a person named Shadow64. An existing Youtube video exists of the glitch at lower quality (although sadly I’m unable to find it).


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  1. nyanpasu64's old channel Reply

    Could this crash the game or allow code execution? Is it accessing oob memory (buffer overflow)?

  2. Virginia Roman Reply

    I think wut happened to me when I tried this (the dots glitching around and being weird) was a better result.

  3. The most useless yet somewhat interesting glitch in the history of SM64DS. 10/10

  4. Ah, SM64DS. The game I loved to exploit. Some other glitches worth mentioning include using Wario's punch with the boxes in Shifting Sand Land. On the other side of where you start there's a fence with 2 sink holes that will suck you under if you walk or fall into them. The sand there will drag you down to above-chest height and Mario and friends will do the hard-to-move animation if you try to move in the sand.

    If you timed it correctly, you could punch and position the box between both the sand, and the slope that drags you into the insta-death quicksand (the area with the platform that the tox boxes are located). Then you can jump into the box and it'll sink you into the ground, but not kill you, even though you're supposed to be able to stand on one of the sides of the box. This lead me to believe that the quicksand has some property that will make you sink into the ground no matter what's under the quicksand plane. Do it wrong and you end up doing the quicksand insta-death, sometimes even the boxes 3D mesh "eating" the character (due to the parameters of the insta-death quicksand trying to pull you in on the slope).

    The quicksand death can also happen if you're metal, and you're walking on lava or the freezing cold water that hurts you (acts like lava) in the second snow world. The game makes it act like you're walking on quicksand and if the character goes under, you get to see their death pose (usually it's one arm up and they are moved down for about 10 seconds or so, then just stop moving at all).

  5. Just an idea, but I'd recommend using "they" in the future instead of "he/she" in case of nonbinary gender. (I don't know that person in particular though)
    Anyway, good video as always — so does this mean you have a capture card or were you led to emulate in this instance?

  6. great vídeo bro 🙂 I like this other types of vídeos much like pokemon and one curiosity: if you use the cheat of cross the floor in the room where you can change of character when you talk with the cartel at the left of the door , after a time you can see a glitch triangle

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