sometimes thing’s don’t go to plan x
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  1. I had my 18th birthday in lockdown so I think I need to come with you to catch up on the past 4 months

  2. louisLives 98 Reply

    Plot twist: Becky is not actually handling the alcohol well. She’s just a massive lightweight that’s always wanting a pint and is in a constant state of drunken party bonanza mode.

  3. Imogen Rose Reply

    you could take george especially now cause you have to cover your face WAYYYYYYY

  4. Isabel Louise Reply

    Becky you've got 31,187 likes love, looks like a retry is in order for whenever you can go to the 26 PUBS ON THE MONOPOLY board lol


    Literally love the drinking videos, Becky might be one of my favourite alcoholics 😂

  6. if this doesn't sum up Britain in one video then idk what does 😂😂

  7. Please give yourself 48 hours instead next time make it a weekend lol

  8. •Cherry_Blossom• Reply

    Oh no Becky you need some help, you’re an alcoholic, surprised you haven’t stolen a few pints from the pub during quarantine, or have you…

  9. Chris Relhard Reply

    i laugh and shake my head, but i'm on the ground after 2 shots and a pint.

  10. LoadedCrysis - DAILY GAMING VIDEOS AND NEWS! Reply

    I remember my mates said they knew your channel, we were in the kings cross pub too the same day lool, it’s rare there’s other youtubers out there

  11. Thea Moriarty Reply

    Rest in peace to being able to go to the pub, gone but never forgotten

  12. More drinking vids pls
    We all have a lotta drinking to do to make up for this lockdown

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