Welcome to Drunk on Nectar! Drunk on Nectar let’s you experience the lifeof being an insect in the wild. You can choose from a few different insects from predator to prey. In this episode we start out as a monarch caterpillar and turn into a beautiful butterfly. I also have a go at seeing if I can be a jumping spider. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Drunk on Nectar, thanks for watching and liking!

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Drunk On Nectar is a Nature Sandbox game about animals, plants and ecology. Finally, a game where you can Play as Creatures, Simulate ecosystems of your own or participate in Creature Quest leaderboards.

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  1. Caterpillars when dey molt
    Caterpillars: Hey now im a second instar

  2. Yvette Pace Reply

    Im so late but wouldn't you not want to get fatter cause the birds and predators would want to eat you more.

  3. Tythewolfboy 99 Reply

    the butterfly what you plan as it's actually poisonous to most animals that sweet spot animals most likely ignore the butterfly as it is as beautiful and looks it is actually poisonous and they live up to the point they lay eggs and then they die that's the reason why I feel bad about butterflies and insect because they life spans is very short

  4. Kristina Kristina Reply

    caterpillars don't have an exoskeleton it's skin I've touch one.
    dum game 🦋

  5. Spiritstar 14 Reply

    Did you known that it take three generations of Monarch butterflies to get to Mexico and then back to Canada

  6. Gold.Scorpion Reply

    I feel like you could be a good anchor man on a news channel xD

  7. We try to keep em safe so we hatch them…. they hatch with their stripes

  8. cupcakekait8 Reply

    when i was in grade 3/4 we got butterfly eggs and we toke care of them until we let them go and we would always say "gotta go gotta go gotta go to mexico" and it was so fun i even have some pictures of the butterfly's of my face and stuff

  9. SieaWolfDeadly Reply

    Correction: Most Butterflys live up to two weeks, not four days. Although two weeks in Drunk On Nectar could possibly be two hours or even thirty minutes.

  10. Pandy The Panda Reply

    * sees title * reminds me of the song that plays in the plastic toy phones.

  11. Jayflexnnn333 Springs Reply

    Anyone else notice the poppies ? Yea herion plants lol

  12. Sauda Sartono Reply

    I remember I was thought that spiders don't eat there pray but drink the blood of its victim.

  13. raptorking 2.0 Reply

    Monarch butterflies are poisonous which is why it's telling you not to eat them. Even the babies are poisonous and it's because of what they eat which is milkweed. A very poisonous plant due to the milk like substance in the body and leaves of the plant

  14. Chloe’s Animals Reply

    Monarch butterflies are poisonous to consume so that’s probably why it wouldn’t let you eat the monarch

  15. Carter Archer Reply

    Yeah when they come back to Canada we welcome em back with a bottle of nectar and an arm n leg Eh

  16. Dankish Doodlez Reply

    Animal: *sees butterflies*
    Animal: *eats them*
    Animal: *chokes cuz it was poison*

    Same happens to me except I swallowed a bubble.

    Edit: 9 likes?!? Wow I must be loved lol. Most I’ve ever gotten

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