My first Duck Game tutorial.
This video is not that great to be honest. Practically my first time editing something like this. There are many grammar mistakes. But if you can handle them, this tutorial is a first step in understanding some of the tech, that features some basic fundamental stuff (you can obviously figure out this yourself). But I’d recommend you to watch Casual Potatoes’ tutorials (they are more in-depth than this):
I am playing on Dualshock 4, but the video uses Xbox gamepad button prompts.
Blue Stahli – Outlaw
Blue Stahli – Superhero Showdown
Blue Stahli – Rockstar.


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  1. Marita bernal Reply

    I play with mods, do you know how to use this Black helmet with something like green glasses?

  2. alexsinrumbo Reply

    How would everything be but with playstation controller?(sorry my english is bad)

  3. The only one I wanted to know how to do is the first one but for pc I have no idea how to

  4. thx but Ive already knew most of that tricks, except the sword climb

  5. natael duche Reply

    La teck de la espada esta mal ¿como te vas a agachar llendo para la derecha?

  6. W.D -Gaster Reply

    Wow, 2018 and 1.2k of likes, also amazing 2016 and clips already was discovered, i don't knew that

  7. natael duche Reply

    Soy mas pro que tu si quieres jugar un duelo a muerte de cuchillos XD buscame como basted154 y jugamos Pibeeakndlaka

  8. I have 300+ hours on this game and had no fucking clue about the faster reload, everything feels so different now.

  9. Coolest Turtle Reply

    i just have 2 h in the game an alteady knew everything, its shown in the arcades

  10. Bruh Moment Reply

    This is all kinda basic. You could do another which has stuff like the super jump, the other sword climb, or shooting through walls.

  11. sergio cerda Reply

    I feel like a pro cos' most of this things I dicovered them myself

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