Evolution of SMITE – From 2011 to 2019
This Video is On The Evolution of SMITE – From 2011 to 2019


Video Clip Sources:
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Smite Beta Gameplay – Sun Wukong [Jason]

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Music Sources:
Iridescent by Zach Remick is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)
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  1. Andreas Van Der Merwe Reply

    Who atleast wants kratos to be in smite as a ares skin XD

  2. Andreas Van Der Merwe Reply

    Oh gods i reconize the old models ku wong whats his namr and the aztek wind god

  3. uncle lover 1978 11 years ago Reply

    Please bring the old maps for a while back it's so good

  4. Matías Azzolini Reply

    smite was actually a super underrated game, i used to play when i was little, but i lost my account, and then lost another one. sad

  5. I remember playing in 2014 and thinking about that smite may become to an end because i never thought that there were many gods to add to the game. I was wrong

  6. I prefer the darker maps tbh, I don't like the radiant portion of the current map. Like it's not bad but I feel like if it was darker it'd have a more pleasing time on my eyes. (imo)

  7. Eric Ciobanu Reply

    Watching this video makes me think "What happened to SMITE?" "Where did it go wrong?"

  8. I really wish I could have the old ground targeting back. Visually it was just more appealing to look at.

  9. Ghost Hunter Reply

    video about smite top liked comment is trash talk hmm wonder how the community is wonder why its so "popular"

  10. Spam “you rock” “cancel that” followed by a player has left the game and that is the community in a nut shell.

  11. Beautiful conquest map… bring it back instead of this washed out, cartoonish, fortnite world of warcraft like mess of a map that doesnt even fit in with the characters…. its like having these super high res high poly models all skillfully detailed and making them walk on a blob of colors… horrible thing.

  12. Camilo Andrés león Reply

    It’s funny how you use on the background of the gameplays sounds from Warcraft 3 and god of war 😂

  13. Justin Cheney Reply

    6:40 when a cinematic trailer made by a player and not Fail-Rez and it's made better than all of theirs.

  14. Imagine leaving in 2010 forget about it and then come back now 2020 is be amazed

  15. As an ao kuang main I am disappointed what in tarnation was that

  16. Sleepy Illusions Reply

    That was probably the worst Loki ive seen…man i wish i played during the betas, would've had more stars on my Loki by now. On my way to 30 though, and always gonna love this game! 🗡🗡🎮🎮

  17. TheQdottPShow! Reply

    Kind of like their old style better this sort of hyper realism aesthetic. More appealing then the cartoony style there is now.

  18. Camptus HOHO Reply

    Yo soy de la generación del 2014 hasta ahora … Quien más?

  19. Super Saiyan King Vegeta Reply

    it's a cool with amazing pop out graphics but the animation and part that they don't allow you to mix up AD and AP items like league is meh. but still the fighting gameplay is face to face combat with substantial movements. I'm a league a player I like basic interfaces and exotic meta making

  20. Journett Solares Reply

    Even after all this time the game still plays like absolute shit with DC's out they ass every game, if you click on anything while the game is launching it just crashes, and if you click on the game found alert on the bottom right corner of your screen the game crashes. Siege has not been touched since its original release, and they only balance the game for conq. Fuck all the other game modes according to Hi Rez. This game is still dogshit.

  21. You Are Now Aware Podcast Reply

    The Ao Kuang assault gameplay had me dead, I was playing like that in 2015 too

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