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Here are the lines from both playable and non-playable characters that I’ve unlocked using cheats.
Cheats were provided by BrutalAl, and the ones in use are;
1) Walk Through Walls
2) Disable Text Box Paralysis
3) USO (exchange characters at any time anywhere)
4) Increase Aeris’ Affection Points to above 120.

~I walk through the Shinra grunt so I can talk to the one behind.
~I interrupt Zangan in the house that he is searching. He will say this line there even BEFORE actually having entered the house.
~With USO I make Yuffie join the party earlier than she is supposed to, thus triggering an otherwise unseen line.
HyperCam was used to record this footage. The gameplay and sound are slowed down a bit, but the video shows what it is supposed to show.
~An NPC in Costa del Sol who is usually too far away to speak to.
~If Aeris’ Affections Points for Cloud are higher than 120, she will say “I was hoping maybe you were…”. She can’t reach this high of an affection value normally in the game.
~I make Cid join earlier than usual and trigger some lines in Nibelheim. Interesting that he was assigned these lines.
~Trigger two of the scenarios in North Corel in which you fail to retrieve the Huge Materia. Despite being in Mideel, she has two lines here.
~Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Cait Sith and Cid has a few lines on the Highwind that can be triggered while a scene is going on. I disable text box paralysis to do this.
~Here there be empty text boxes! Well, aside from the one text box at 5:46.

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  1. Aerith is able to feel when someone joins the lifestreem how does she nt know Zack is dead?

  2. Lloyd Johannessen Reply

    There's so much interesting Dialogue in Final Fantasy 7! Is there any Unused Dialogue for Vincent?

  3. What's with the way Tifa speaks? https://youtu.be/LkAmQMFOYIo?t=235

  4. Método Caja Negra Reply

    Aerith hoping that Cloud to be jealous? Suspicious, yet interesting.

  5. RukudoSage69 Reply

    Lols Tifa's badly translated line cracked me up.  It was so bad it read as if the translators intentionally did it that way since it was never meant to be in the script anyway.  

  6. If your play FF and finish it without cheating and beat the shit out of the game and then cheat yeah you do know how to have fun. What makes you think just because someone uses cheats when they have done every little tiny thing in a Final Fantasy game doesn't know how to have fun. They went and found things you would never have seen because they love it so much. You clearly are limited in the imagination department and that would suggest you don't really know how to have fun on your own terms.

  7. Raeyne Jaymeson Reply

    GTA is a different kinda fun. If you use cheats for Final Fantasy, you don't really know how to have fun. Cheats in GTA are necessary, cheats for final fantasy is ridiculous.

  8. Basically he is saying that these things can never ever be found in the game unless you use cheats. So for this video and a lot like them to exist then someone had to use cheats. Now that does not mean they cheated the whole time when playing the games. Just at some point and most times its to see what you can do with the game after you have finished everything. It' s called having fun. It's what GTA is all about.

  9. The points that decide who you go on a date with at the gold saucer. You collect them depending on your actions and team throughout the game. The game does not inform you that you get any at all.

  10. You are correct but if you use cheats then you can get her in your team for this sence

  11. Just to say….how are you supposed to get Yuffie BEFORE passing marshes shouth of the Chocobo Ranch!?
    For what I know, you cant get her in your party before passing the Mythril Mines and moving toward Junon Town.
    And the dead Zolom scene only happens once, the first time you pass through marshes…..no? =o

  12. Most of the text boxes which are empty in the English game have text in the Japanese game. Check my channel for recordings of the Japanese unused material.

  13. How about in the Japanese versions of the game…? Either international or the original. What is hidden in that version?

    Do the empty text boxes have script then?

  14. luigi ingel Reply

    hey did you try bringing yuffie when 1st time talking to vincent and i did it she said many lines

  15. i have FF7 on a psp, do you know how to access the USO menu on the psp? i have 2 different codes for cwcheats to use, but they dont seem to work. i heard holfing R2 while ITEMS its selected in the menu and pressing O will bring you to the uso menu. but i had no luck so far

  16. @DeviIBoyz
    The name of the snake. The snake was actually Yuffie's pet. Midgar Zolom, aka Midgardsorm, aka Louise. jk jk

  17. yeah.. You're right. I went over the website too fast. It's because of the fact that support points are also present in the game and were supposed to be used with the affection points. so for a second I thought even though your points aren't high enough You could add the other ones. anyway You're right it's only by cheating that your affection points can be high enough. Sorry and thanks for the vid!

  18. @ff7angeleen
    I believe there might have been a misunderstanding. I am not disputing that the SCENE with Aeris can be triggered at any time. However, that singular line "I was hoping maybe you were…" requires a too high value. I've had a french guy translate the page for me, and from that I calculate that Aeris' max affection points are 95. She starts out with 50, then can gain 45 (this is 4 points higher than in Absolute Steve's Guide, so on or the other has errors).

  19. 01:22-01:55~ If Aeris' Affections Points for Cloud are higher than 120,(…). She can't reach this high of an affection value normally in the game.

    You're wrong. You may see here, ff7.fr/rendez_vous.php, how her points works. (It's french but easy to understand, I think). Plus, you can go anytime at Gongaga (Is it right?) so if the first time you stop by, your points aren't high enough, you still can increase them and then come back. Anyways you're wrong 😉

  20. @MrRizo23
    Oh, I know about those parts all right. Check out the rest of my videos and you'll see. =)

  21. I was able to get that last one on my ps1 with a gameshark using the save anywhere code. I saved in the bar, and when I reloaded I was behind barret, so I could leave easy.
    There is some interesting dialogue between Johnny (and the other slum folk) and Cloud if you try to leave the area without Barret and Tifa.
    Also, the..romantic couple near the train have a unique line for Cloud:
    (last part) "Huh?" "Say You're pretty gutsy- why don't you go snoop somewhere else Romeo? "
    lol, check it out.

  22. @SocialistCatgirl
    What guide? I have checked my inbox and my channel comments, but I can't find a link to any guide. Whenever I try to add links in YT comments, the message fails to send. Either your link got deleted, or YT has not alerted me of all your messages.

  23. @SocialistCatgirl
    My "Unused Text" article series (which I will now add a link to my in my channel description) answers many questions, though in many cases the developers simply made mistakes or left old stuff behind. Btw, you should know that I am not a programmer at all. I can't read the code. I use software which bypasses this problem, so unfortunately I do not yet have the skill to "hack" other games. However I hope to learn that, eventually.

  24. @Mikkedev
    Aeris talking about Zack is not hidden. There is only ONE line of dialogue hidden, as specified in the description and via the annotations.

  25. @Shademp yeah i remember for some reason i got that scene very late, i must have accidentally done that menu thing you said during one gameplay i did years ago. I don't remember what characters I had though. but WOW this is great xD ff7 is so damn mysterious hiding all these sentences from us..

  26. @Nickjudgesthedead
    Indeed. By continuously accessing the menu when approaching the area that usually triggers the Midgar Zolom scene, you can prevent it from happening (both in the PSX and PC version), then return later on when Yuffie has joined your party. However it is unlikely anyone goes this path to avoid a scene that is *supposed* to be impossible to miss, hence why I include Yuffie's line in the video.

  27. @Magix1reaper
    If you browse the rest of my channel you will see that I've unlocked A LOT more than what is in this video. =)

  28. Magix1reaper Reply

    Very interesting. Thank you for this. I only wish we could have found more.

  29. @36256564874847848487
    The invisible value that determines which of the four characters (Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Barret) whom Cloud will go on a date with in the Gold Saucer.

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