Final Fantasy 7 Tips & Tricks – How To Get MAX SP & All Secret Manuscripts for Cloud (FF7R Guide)
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  1. Callum Robertson Reply

    Can someone please help me figure out why I don’t have all the weapon sub cores and I have beat the game

  2. jm espelimbergo Reply

    How do i get all sp for tifa? I’m still missing 10 sp
    Help pls…

  3. Pachuck01 Diaz Reply

    Ahhh, I am missing 2 and it’s so annoying!!!

    Edit: alright I’m missing VIII and IX where is 8??

  4. I was going for all manuscripts until the hard fight with Rufus made me lose interest in the game.

  5. I finished the gave recently and personally can’t be bothered to play the game again to level up for no reason. But then again I just play for the story as I loved the first game

  6. Soooo basically buy one from store do colosseum challenges and play side quests and main quests on hard


    question: does the weapons go to level 6. Right now Im level 5 & i guess i have 4 points to get 250 & complete the level circle for Cloud.

  8. Znix spider Reply

    Yo I’m scared of the house on both normal and hard mode especially but you’re telling me I have to do it again but this time it has help sighs the price of power is steep

  9. Joey Rodriguez Reply

    I have a question, I have almost all manuscripts from hard mode but it doesn’t look like it will be enough sp to max out my weapons…. can you confirm all manuscripts max out your weapons or do you have to rebuild with Chadley to better value?

  10. I watch it a few times great help but you skip manuscript 11 or i really can't find it in the video..

  11. Alassandros Reply

    *Choose "NO DEAL" for Sam's coin flip to increase your chance at getting Madam M's side quests.

  12. Christopher Turner Reply

    So just beat the game on hard mode to get all the scripts

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