Welcome back lads. in this video I continue to upgrade my house, one of you guys in my subreddit upgraded it for me so I’m trying to recreate it. I did most of it but then realised I made a major mistake. Then I found a horse skeleton!! Three of them are next to my house and then I found another horse skeleton later on and all four survived. and finally I went to the end, and you can decide whether that was a success or not.

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  1. Henri Durviaux Reply

    No shit when you said “I think I know what this is, lightning struck the skeleton horse” you saw it in front of your fuckin’ eyes

  2. That1gamerthatplaysgames Reply

    9:17 those probably aren’t the narliest horses there probably zombie hourses and they do exist

  3. Breaking News! Man developes addiction for enderpearls. Screams when unsuccessful.

  4. 17:53 lewis when he sees his son screaming at his monitor and when he looks at it he's playing fortnite.. 🙂

  5. the mighty J Reply

    i thinks it was the best the baby polar bar grew up Maybe jason would attack him cause the polar bears are protecting the baby the don’t attack if there not a baby polar bear nearby

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