If you want to Get Rid of Your PC Ran into a Problem and Needs to Restart Windows Error Code Issue then you must have to Check out this your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart windows 10 Guiding Video. So that you will get to know that How to Fix & Solve this windows 8 your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart Error Issue permanently & completely. So all you have to do is just Check out this your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart windows Video fully,

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  1. Zohaib Choudary Reply

    For me it foes not ecen show that option it does not five these options. And it does not restart. It tells me to restart but there is no way of restarting. Please help ASAP

  2. Thanks a lot man

    Guys just go to advance option then click on resetting after that pc will ask you keep your files and apps or delete everything. Click keep your files and apps. After that your pc will start loading 1 to 100 then you will see your pc start normally like before. And your all files and app will also there like before it was . And sorry for my bad english.

  3. How can I even restart it if I can’t click anything just hold the power button?

  4. Krish Verma Reply

    I have a 2010 Asus SonicMaster, but I don't have the option for "Advanced Options"; it is giving me the error "Unmountable Boot Volume", can you help?

  5. matthew james smith Reply

    My laptop is 2k dollars this happened and its like frozen it wont do anything I try to turn it off still wont do anything

  6. My father got angry and already punched my arm and has already rip my hair off and i really need u help bcus i have tried everything it didnt work im stuck in safe mode please help i frigging hate windows 10

  7. MD Rashedul Islam Reply

    Please help me
    My PC was OK and running well but suddenly it get restart and told your PC run into a problem and needs to restart. Than I watched your video to solve it but it doesn't word before I tried this process the computer restarts and then run OK but after doing this process my PC is not starting what should I do please help me this is my new PC and if it doesn't work my father will be very angry I am in trouble. Please brother please help me

  8. 1)unable to system restore
    2)unable to repair
    3)resetting pc was unable to continue
    4)sfc /scannow 'windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation'

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