Flamingo Golf Course in sunny Tunisia. Watch Mark Crossfield and Matthew Lockey take on this lovely parkland course in a matchplay format. This is round 3 of their Tunisia trip, watch and enjoy some good and bad golf with plenty of banter between the two.

– Flamingo GC in Monastir –

– For information on the venue or any other golf holiday enquiries please email – mark@yourgolftravel.com

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  1. Phillip Radford Reply

    Put “the sun hat” back on bruh, you’ll get ya game on again

  2. the intro is great for this course's vlogs, cracks me up with the hat and the lockey "move"

  3. David Leggatt Reply

    Okay I’m going to say this, I enjoy watching these guys play golf almost more than PGA events. It’s like watching mates play golf but it’s also real golf…. love the banter 👍

  4. Josh Clarke-Walker Reply

    The turning point was when he got you by 40 yards I reckon #losttheholebutinyourhead

  5. Luke Wanless Reply

    Just me or does this place look like it's 100% fairway with some trees scatted everywhere. Choose your own root to the green

  6. Only making this video 15 and a half minutes and cutting it off right when it’s getting good? So that’s how it’s gonna be?

  7. Wowsers!!! Proper golf from the Muppets!!! What’s the world coming to? I think you boys need a few pints in you so you can get back to normal! LOL!!! Great stuff bruhs!!!

  8. Tony Westwell Reply

    Wonderful stuff loving this series. Keep it going boys. Tough playing conditions now with that wind.

  9. What I'm impressed about is that coach would actually be able to coach now 😂😂😂 according to some comments in the past

  10. This course has tight flag game. Love the colors, the style, the whole setup.

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