Frogger is an arcade game that became an instant classic. Originally developed by Konami in 1981 for Arcades, Sega the american publisher of the game worked with Coleco to produce a portable arcade game version. Let’s take a look at the machine while we explore it’s design, differences, and gameplay!

Frogger donated by Syd Bolton

Camera & Cinematography work by the skilled:
Alex Pereira
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  1. I have my Original Frogger in my hand now and was just googling about it…..found this vid.

  2. Philip Defibaugh Reply

    I had the Coleco Zaxxon 3D mini arcade. The stickers looked like the Arcade cabinet and the joystick had a sticker with a red push button just like the Arcade version, though with this home version the button was only a sticker and could shoot at targets.

  3. MTN Productions Reply

    0:15 "Oh, I had a little dreidel, and I made it out of clay. And, when it's dry and ready, oh, dreidel I shall play!"

  4. MTN Productions Reply

    I used to have the tabletop arcade version of "Frogger". It was completely different than the Atari VCS/2600 and arcade versions of the game, and the sounds are annoying. Good game, but I lost it years ago.

    I always remember humming along the music of "Frogger" in the tabletop version and the "Game Over" music and sang "I Am Sorry" as I was followed the melody pattern. You know, "I-I A-AM SOR-R-RY!!!"

  5. Ryder AKA Shermhead Reply

    Instead of battling to get the high score, why can’t we play fair?

  6. Kjartan The Viking Reply

    I just love how well shot all of your videos are, as well as how good the editing us and audio quality. Must have spend hundreds on all the equipment you used. Haha.

  7. Realmasterorder Reply

    The best of the series the gameplay and style suits the classic perfectly

  8. I had one of these back in the 80's.
    I can't remember what happened to it but I wish i still had it today.

  9. Great review of the one and only Coleco tabletop I have! Do you know the significance of the Frogger units with the green label on the top as opposed to the standard black background that most units had? I bought mine mint complete in box 12 yrs ago and the seller said that these were the rare Canadian release versions. Any truth to that if so? Keep up the great work! Subbed from Calgary, Canada!!

  10. Hundred Hundred-Thousand Reply

    i like the Kramer portrait on your back wall. i want one myself. P.S i have the excalibur electronics frogger mini arcade. you should try and get one of them too.

  11. HennySL hennick Reply

    some little kid at my school had this little fucker had no clue what he had his hands on

  12. philip spiroff Reply

    I believe they later made a new model of this around 2004-2009, I remember buying one at Canadian tire. It had a better screen and improved graphics/sound. Unfortunately O lost it in a move 🙁

  13. Josiah Fields Reply

    My mom owned one of these, and now it belongs to me. My only real nitpick is that it's near impossible to tell when a set of turtles will dive into the water. On the arcade version, you can more easily see it coming ahead of time. That being said, this is still the best Coleco Mini Arcade, and arguably the only one worth buying.

  14. Old Game Box Reply

    That looks amazing. That's some charisma they added to the frog. Great video.

  15. Joseph Fanning Reply

    I've got this and the Donkey Kong one!  I was lucky to get them cheap, 20 bucks each.

  16. Wow! Thanks to Frogger, now there are similar games like Crossy Road, but I personally prefer the classics like Frogger 2 on the PC.

  17. ReBecca Rose Reply

    I own one of these, but it's instruction label is for Galaxian. Do you think it would be worth more, less, or the same?

  18. As soon as I get my time machine built, I'll go back and buy a few of these 🙂

  19. Michael Guerra Reply

    The first game Id ever played and owned in my life.. Could not have asked for a better introduction to gaming..

  20. Drew Armstrong, the Glorious Lobster Emperor Reply

    These thing cost around $50 average on Ebay, how the hell are we supposed to spend that much on something that came in a cereal box

  21. Gabriel McConnor Reply

    My comp. teacher found this in a drawer a long with a ukulele. He let me play it in my free time. It was awesome.

  22. mokthemagicman Reply

    I love these videos you are producing Rerez.  Your production value has increased with every new video you create.  Love it.  Hope you get through all of the Mini Arcades including Zaxxon and Q-Bert.  

  23. Midwest Retro Gamers Reply

    Great review Shane! One of the one's I'm on the lookout for. I have the Donkey Kong Jr, and I have a Frogger tabletop, but its not made by Coleco, it was made in 2005, I can't remember who did them.

  24. This is the video that finally made me think about getting one or two of these.

    Then I saw the prices.

    Man, that dream was short lived.

  25. You know that you are in for a treat when you see an artwork of Kramer hanging in the background.  George Costanza approves.  xD
    Great review, Shane.

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