What a great flea market find! I was shopping around the flea market and found these under a table in a box. There was no pricing on them, so I just started looking and picked out the ones that I did not have. There were another 10-12 more which were duplicates in my collection or just not in the condition I was looking for. Since I did not know if any of them worked, I asked how much and bought them all with some other stuff. I like finding things like this and showing them on video. This is really how the channel first started!

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Handheld games played in this video
Hula Hipster – Playmates Toys 1999
Space Ship Game – Soma 1991
Dragon Ball Z – MGA Entertainment 1999
Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Tiger Electronics 1988
Sonic Rally Race – Radio Shack
Frogger – Hasbro 1998
The Game Of Life – Hasbro 2010
101 Dalmations – Tiger Electronics 1990
Hit And Missile – Tomy 1979

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  1. Lucky Penny Shop Reply

    What a haul! Did you ever have one of these? Check out this playlist with over 60 Handheld games…

  2. Ramon Uzziel Aguilar Almendarez Reply

    Brjeiej. Krieiebe. Bkkrb. Krike e kkwbe. Jieiekejeb. Bkjenev. Vbbbjejeve. Jebe. Kkeibebe bkb jeke. Ekkekeb wiiebjjb. Kekrbr. Bkrkrbrbe ebekb. Jieiekebe. Oeok

  3. Arda Kertik Reply

    You are so lucky to get your hands to that dbz game for 1$ now it costs 35$

  4. 14:00 OMCG! i got this one when i was 13 years old "i know i wasn't really child XD" ahhhhh but was too satisfactory heard it again, Frogger! >w<

  5. Ken Rutherford Reply

    I like the way you talk. Can you please, please, please, please, please do a face reveal. I really want to see what you look like.

  6. ramnet & spacenet Reply

    What do you get when you cross cupcake and murder me cupcake

  7. Jaden Quintana Reply

    i have a hand held game called plants vs zombies somebody gave me it

  8. I did a review on the sonic one a while ago, they are not good games but I love them for some reason ha ha, great vid 🙂

  9. They were still making those games in 99'! Wow, I was a baby when they started and as an adult, they were still being made. That's crazy.


    The best one I ever had was Nintendo Donkey Kong JR, my mum friend gave it to me , wish I still had it … love to see that in one of your vids.
    From the 1980s.

  11. Kirstin Benson Reply

    I love you family and friends hello friends LukcyPennyShop Hello friends LPS Dave

  12. Sherika Tarver Reply

    Couldn't really see sonic 2 because of the glaring. Frogger is like cross road.

  13. Film Director James KURTZE Reply

    Yes I have played this game a long time ago how do I bay it

  14. Link the Dusk Lycanroc Reply

    I had the 101 Dalmatians game when I was little and played the living tar out of this game until I got a Game Boy.

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