I covered this back in 2015, this one is more up to date.

0:26 – Warmup
0:58 – Round length
1:11 – Bomb plant extension
1:42 – Timeout vote
2:13 – Halftime
2:35 – Endgame
2:45 – Defuse gamemode total length
3:10 – Hostage gamemode total length
3:36 – Overtime and longest matches I know of

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Here’s the blasted update that changed everything:

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  1. Giero Almendral Reply

    3kliksphilip: *shoots man in the(you know)*
    Every man in a 5 mile radius: Our pain

  2. So I've been rewatching 3kliksphilip's older videos and noticed that dude's face on 5:05 screams that it needs to be uscaled. I even uscaled it. Though it haven't really helped because his blurry hand covers considerable part of his face and headphones doesn't help ai algorithms to find his face on the picture. You can check it out here imgur.com/e98Fexl

  3. Николай Комаров Reply

    Kliks, russian Youtuber GETLIGHT got the record of faceit match length. Wait a minute, i will paste the link here. so, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Q8hcMeChc i hope u will notice my comment.

  4. Phương Nguyễn Thiện Reply

    today, my friends have the longest faceit match vs a Malaysian team. My friend's team won 61-58, that game last 4 hours

  5. Slavkanian Officer Reply

    https://youtu.be/v8CmJ9namK0?t=315 to mnie rozwaliło xD

  6. exactly one year after publishing, it showed up on my recommendations

  7. Henrique Reis Reply

    If you play on esea and you do !pause games can last forever

  8. Imagine playing 100+ rounds, wasting 2 and a half hours of your life, just to lose a match

  9. Jerwin Reyes Reply

    No point to mention long games when there are even longer games that you will mention later in the vid

  10. It's just sad that my mm usually took 10 mins because 1 teammate abandoned and we surrendered because the opponents are outplaying us

  11. Longest game cant be 97 minutes couse the bomb can explode only 16 times, couse when it explodes its a t win

  12. Noriaki Kakyoin Reply

    What if every player in the game gets a drop at the end of the mach

  13. TheRumpaliX Reply

    I have to point out that not every defusal round can end with bomb exploding. Otherwise the terrorists win in 15 rounds!

  14. faleeq rozaini Reply

    you cant go 30 round with defusing the bomb. you only can make it tie 15 round defuse and 15 round bomb explode

  15. 0:30 exist on wingman a bug when all players are connected, but time is still 4 minutes. And you need to wait 4 minutes for starting the match (with all 4 players connected). I got this bug for 2 times.

  16. A random fat shyboi With interent access Reply

    3:30 Not true, there are two hostages, pick up both and you get + 60 mins

  17. You can't have 30 rounds with the bomb exploding because they will win after 16 explosions..

  18. rochak thapa Reply

    click accept
    electricity manage:its raining we have to cut the power
    now i have 7 days cooldown

  19. Meteor Cubing Reply

    The game can’t go for 30 rounds if the bomb explodes every round

  20. Turan Bugay Uçaner Reply

    I remember a game that I lost 14-16 with 56 kills… I was nova back than but it is still annoying to remember having team mates that has maximum 9 kills…

  21. I once lost 12-16 with 45 kills and almost destroyed my PC but imagine making 113 kills and losing lol

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