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A blue screen of death or BSOD refers to an annoying situation where your Windows PC shows a blue background along with a sad face and probably a stop code. It can easily occur when you try to upgrade your system or booting it. When it happens, it makes everything stops. You just cannot work on your PC as normally you do. it may compel you to reboot your PC. After this, you may need to reload the software or program you are working with and re-open the files. So, how to fix it? This video will introduce 4 practical methods on how to fix blue screen of death error in Windows 10 and get rid of blue screen error even recover data after blue screen of death.
Method 1: Turn Off Automatic Restart 3:25s
Method 2: Uninstall Applications 4:24s
Method 3: Download the Upgrade Files again 4:48s
Method 4: Detach Unnecessary Hardware 5:27s
Bonus: Recover data after blue screen of death by using Recoverit data recovery 6:34s

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

Method 1: Turn Off Automatic Restart

As the first blue screen of death fix, we will try to disable the Automatic Restart function, because the Windows’ automatic restart option is set by default at the time of Windows 10 blue screen of death.
Step 1: Right click on “This PC” and head to “Properties”.
Step 2: Choose “Advanced System Settings”.
Step 3: Hit on “Settings” in the “Startup and Recovery” option.
Step 4: Uncheck “Automatically restart” option and hit on “OK” to confirm.

Method 2: Uninstall Applications

Step 1: Start with heading to the “Settings” on your PC.
Step 2: Now, go to the “Apps” option and hit on “Apps & features.
Step 3: Begin to select the apps and programs and click on the “Uninstall” button.
Step 4: Confirm the actions by following the instructions coming on the screen.

Method 3: Download the Upgrade Files again

Step 1: Firstly, click on the Start button and open the Start menu.
Step 2: Look for the Disk Cleanup and hit on the result.
Step 3: You can now choose the drive “Windows (C:)” followed by clicking on “OK”.
Step 4: After that, hit on the “Clean up system files” option located at the bottom and hit on “OK”.
Step 5: Subsequently, choose the drive and hit on “OK” again.
Step 6: From the options in the dialog box, check the box next to “Temporary Windows installation files”. Click “OK” and it will delete the upgrade files. You can now download it again.

Method 4: Detach Unnecessary Hardware

Another thing that can help you fix blue screen of death is removing the hardware. As the problem might be hardware related, doing this will reduce the error risks whenever you decide to install the Windows 10. Hence, we suggest you disconnect any unnecessary things like external hard drives, USB or Bluetooth pieces.

Bonus: Recover data after blue screen of death

For more details, check this detailed text tutorial:

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  1. kameswar rao Voleti Reply

    Hi bro I have stopped the update to get updates itself so do u want me to enable that????
    Pls tell asap..!!!!

  2. Chris Trixs Reply

    So yeah you give some solutions but how can I get out from BSOD, should I be pressing the powerbutton and its still 0% complete not moving?

  3. Andy MacLeod Reply

    Why have I never had to search for this kind of stuff on my Mac?

  4. just got my new gaming pc worth 800$ and the blue screen just happenes whenever i play a game or watch youtube

  5. man.
    i just got my hp omen, and in the last 15 minutes of downloading chrome and scrolling the web for customization, crashed… absolute bummer.
    im trying to hard reset it right now, assuming it was something i downloaded and try to fix this.. hope the beauty survives.

  6. mikeyjaynes92 Reply

    I see that you said to right click into "this PC" but I'm not able to get into my regular computer
    Like I can't sign in how can I change the properties?

  7. TripleMasterA Reply

    This is why I will never upgrade to windows 10 until they fix this shit. So many problems with that crappy ass OS.

  8. So uh, I don’t speak computer and I usually just have a select few messages or “stop codes” whenever my compooter crashes. CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (the system service one is the most common stopcode I get) SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED If anyone knows how to fix any of these please reply, I’m sick of gaming or watching youtube and my computer blue screening, this happens atleast 3 times a day, usually 5-6 times.

  9. Jahaziel Gamer Reply

    My pc keeps on crashing and having a lot of blue screens. I try to update stuff but it says downloading error and everytime I press retry it says the same thing. And when I try to restart the pc it says “update and restart”. And I pressed that so many times but nothing changed. Even if I let the pc chill and do nothing on it, it either has a blue screen and or crash/restart.

  10. I was just playing and then the next day the blue death screen showed and it never came off

  11. SS Aerial Drone Reply

    My laptop is acer after instal intel graphic with nvdia gforce, my laptop always blue screen, win 10, need help

  12. What to do if my laptop is stuck on Preparing automatic repair for over a week and I can't do anything

  13. sentry turret Reply

    Me: *buys assasin's creed unity*

    Windows 10: windows shutting down

  14. Fried Calamari Reply

    I've been having bsod at least 4 times a week, is that bad?

  15. I cant even get on my desktop each time i log on it pops up almost instantly

  16. Francisniko Candelaria Reply

    Mine showing IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL when I play Games and while using google. And i dont know if that error affects my loptop because after that my loptop showing signs of lagging and some games i usually play were affected to its like i couldt play it any more because of lagging

  17. Kevin Milar Reply

    hi, do we need to update all the drivers, or just the display driver?

  18. Christopher MacDonald Reply

    I’ve restarted my computer to factory settings 5 time and still have blue screens updated drivers updated new update ran old updates did everything upgrade my bios upgraded again. Messed with start up options this cp two years old and now getting error code 0xc00000010. Can’t wait till I finish building my desktop but this laptop is trash. Is their anything I can run to completely reinstall my laptop to its base setting like I just bought it yesterday?

  19. Gaurav Rajpal Reply

    Hi I face video TDR issue. Inspite of doing hdd check and Ram check it is clear and I reinstalled a window still after 10-14 days I receive it.

  20. Alex Kondryn Reply

    I have windows 10 and i have grey screen on my notebook with a square with sad face. Whats happening i have all my photos on my nb.

  21. shubham kasyap Reply

    Formatted and Re-installed windows 10 at morning and got the blue screen at evening 😵😵😵

  22. Guys if u have a problem like this before u can even get to the loading screen check if its the hard disk dyin or keep restarting untill ur lucky

  23. Stephanie Mendoza Reply

    I wish windows 7 lasted longer I mean windows XP lasted like 13 years and windows 7 only lasted 10 :/

  24. Fresh install shouldn't be giving me this bullshit. I kept the last install since windows 10 first came out.

  25. In my I can excess the pc without any issues on offline mode but as soon as I connect my pc to the wifi this irritating shit again appears.

  26. JOSEPH WALSH Reply

    My bsod reads ,as stated, OK Preparing. All I got from you is a lot of hand motion baseball signals. Still not sure if I should bunt or hit away. Lot of jabber with no solution.

  27. Jonathan Hansen Reply

    I've done all the steps and still get the BSOD. Even did factory hd reboot and re installed windows. Lenovo with ssd

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