How to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error 🙁 Your PC Ran into a Problem and Needs to Restart
Hi there, here I showed up how to fix “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. we are collecting error info and then we’ll restart for you”. The most common causes of this error are a certain key piece of software, outdated device drivers. Another cause of this error is after power failure, system file corruption, due to a virus and malware or even due to windows page files or a memory issue. And here I would like to inform you that earlier we have made a video on this issue, but many users said that they got some difficulties while fixing this error issue. So specially, this video is for those peoples, who faced some difficulties during fixing this error. Although it is little bit time-consuming method but try this, I’m 100% sure it will definitely work.
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  1. When im starting the windows …. it got stucked on the blue screen – clocl-watchdog-timeout and the percent is not completing


    After reinstalling windows 10, I am facing the same problem.

  3. Ich liebe turtlez Reply

    Brooo you just saved my life thank you so much bro you don’t know how much i am happy right now thank you so much and u gained a subscriber

  4. Lord4thMinato Reply

    Errors are red
    My screen is blue
    I think I deleted my system32

  5. Cricket Fan Reply

    Should i press esc+F1+space after pressing powwr button or by not power button?

  6. I have a 1803 version of Windows 10, but i keep finding just installation for 1809, will it work if install 1809 version, because i have a 1803 Win 10 version?

  7. Joseph Benjamin Pangan Reply

    What is the function of esc+f1+space? I did research on that hot keys but I only saw that youre the only one to use that key.

  8. Bro when I restart my pc my pc turn in in 3-4seconds plz help me

  9. Ashish Gupta Reply

    Can u please help me that I have just bought a retail key from Windows 10 it's windows 10 pro retail key I have activated since 3 days I have contacted to microsoft that the key is genuine or not so they are telling the key is of windows 8.1 so they are telling that key should upgraded from 8.1 to 10 I have activated key on Windows 10 but in am facing some problems so I want re install windows 10 from legecty to ufei I want to ask u that the key will work or not again in windows 10

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