Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. Restarting multiple times and show the above error. Preparing Automatic Repair doesn’t works.
Solution: Switch off your computer for a while (i.e more than 15 minutes) and then try switch on. Computer might be shut down due to thermal event. (i.e Refer the event kernel-power)
Note: While updating do not turn of your computer, else your computer gets switched off due to over heat at the time when your computer starts configuring updates, then you can see such error. After restarted, you might be asked to restore the pc.
Note: You can also see the following error messages:
under this same message “your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart”.


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  1. Dylan Taylor the Ultimate Saiyan Reply

    When I got a BSOD on my Windows 8 when I had updates to install, the updates were installed in a couple of seconds

  2. I get this problem when my keyboard and mouse trackpad don't work

  3. I,was just watching youtube then my laptop shut down then for some reason i started it it said the error

  4. TopFlightSecurity415 Reply

    this is bullshit , i haven't even had this laptop for full year yet an it keep fuckin up _…im just going get my old computer fix , windows 7 really is the best

  5. BlazingCookie Reply

    I was working on a drawing for 6 hours and was almost finished and this message came up and erased everything. I'm so pissed rn

  6. I installed some software that was said to be incompatible with windows 10 and then I saw the same screen as yours in the video.

  7. Peter Recks Reply

    solution is go back to 7 or 8 till they fix this shit … wake up … every time Microsoft bring out new software it never works properly … wait till version 3 or 4 then get involved …

  8. Cooper Keating Reply

    Lol. The amount of people hating this video is brilliant. Is everyone silly enough to think that a title that say "how to" is a tutorial?

  9. BlocknBoom! Reply

    I've literally had this during the holiday at least twice a day, ITS SO FRICKING ANNOYING!

  10. This is honestly pissing me the fuck off. I spent $2500 on this piece of shit window a laptop and keeps getting errors and the laptop being slow as fuck.

  11. Everytime after a certain time has passed, i notice my computer gets that same error but the bottom shows a different error code every time. Also after that screen the screens turn black and with a little line blinking on the top left. Nothing else happens and it takes a restart to get it working again. I can't do anything now because of it. Can someone help me please?

  12. this would have made my day if there was an actual knowledge spread throughout the people who is having this issue. But instead you wasted my time and everyone else. Thanks you must feel really accomplish in life by posting this.

  13. Martin Pouzar Reply

    GUYS .. JUST GET THE BATTERY and the charger OUT (if its notebook) ..if its desktop just unplug the power cable…  Click POWER (start) button few times .. and then get the battery in ..

  14. Having the same issue uggh keeps sending me to automatic repair help ?????

  15. That, what s happend  witch my PC after doing that i dont know why that removed much my applications and how return my PC to have this apps?

  16. help i can't find "event", it seems my computer doesn't have this

  17. I agree, Totally useless video! Why post such garbage! Must be some 10 year old thinking it's cool!

  18. Tupac Shakur Reply

    Windows SUCKS they were doing great then they screwed up again. Leave it to Windows to define "sucks".

  19. it doesn't work, i've been waiting for over an hour no and it still just restarts by itself once i've booted it. my computer can't even collect info like it does in your video, instead, all it does is restarts again after it cannot even reach 1% of info collected. what should i do?! because i can just dream of getting a new computer

  20. Lieutenant Gruber Reply

    The blue screen is an Illuminati tool; steeling info in order to brainwash the masses.  Deep NSA shit.  Barcoding people first by PC, and the mark of the beast, 666 to follow, tatted on people's bodies in the next couple of years.

  21. Prince Raju Reply

    Im sorry abt what i commented early. I didnt see the writings of the of the owner. Bcz when we search a video, only video list is displayed. I happened to see yourvSo im saying very sorry once again.

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