A pros guide on what Import face does and how to use it correctly.

As someone who uses the FIFA 20 Creation system every single day for numerous hours on end, ive explained what Import Face actually means.

If you would like to use Jose Mourinho or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the links are below or visit my channel for other options

Jose Mourinho Gameface –

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Gameface –

Feel free to request a player for me to create in the comments below, or message me on twitter!

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  1. Nice nice, you got a video on each manager or player…Like all the right inputs and adjustments?

  2. It would be sick if we could scan our own face with our phone and import it to fifa like 2k 😭 fifa is fucking dog shit bro

  3. This is insane. Just think of not even being a ManUtd-Fan but also a fan of Jose Mourinho. You should get your life back on track. YNWA guys

  4. Sam Roylance Reply

    can you also import faces made in the 'create a player' tab outside of volta, career mode, pro clubs etc…?

  5. Natan Miksic Reply

    Dude, either you're a natural or you've got patience LVL 100…. all of mine characters look like they been born in Chernobyl

  6. Aidan Williams Reply

    I hate how you have to create the players now, I found the past fifas easier to morph rather than choosing and morphing with not many options

  7. CSOR MOS-0010 Reply

    I find it pathetic how EA doesnt even give you the option to import the actual coach. No matter how hard we customize it will never look like the Mourinho that the game developed. Pathetic!!!!

  8. mikhail chase Reply

    hey dagnaldino can you create my player an or tell me the configuration to do it myself on my ps4 please bruv

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