in this video, we show how you some of the ways people play poker in prison and explain what items are worth at the poker table when it comes to betting… Hope you enjoy the video!!!

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  1. AfterPrisonShow Reply

    Major Shout Out to the entire APS ARMY!! Hope you enjoy todays video. And we're thinking about doing a prison poker livestream soon. Could be pretty cool. All soups for poker chips lol. Getting ready to go see Hootie and The Blowfish tonight with my wife and Dave and his girl. Hope they play Horses in the back…

  2. Zachery Graves Reply

    Jellico enough with the freaking card bull crap back and forth back and forth 😒😂

  3. Chris P Bacon Reply

    I wouldn't trust playing cards in jail/prison way to many ways to cheat that you can't control and probly would never notice

  4. Karlos Spades Reply

    I liked this because I did small time months in and out wen I was in my 20s.

  5. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco Reply

    Don’t they play good ol’ regular No Limit Texas Holdem in prison?

  6. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco Reply

    If there are no blinds or antes, whats the incentive to win the pot? I don’t get it. Makes no sense. Even in Badugi which is like triple draw, there are blinds….

    Blinds are one of the core elements of poker!!

  7. Cory Goodman Reply

    18:46–19:00 hilarious
    Gelico- Shows all red cards to camera
    Joe- "Did you hit it?"
    Gelico- "Yeah!"

  8. Hunny Bunny Reply

    I would love to play a fun little poker game with the APS family man that would be a blast🤣 Cody Dave joe jelico everybody. It would be a lot of laughs I bet.

  9. Hunny Bunny Reply

    Lol hygiene items are discounted on the poker table HAHA. Cuz people want the honey buns and the soups hahah. If u bring hygiene somebody’s always gonna be arguing over who’s gonna leave with the soups and who’s gonna leave with the shampoo hahahah. If there is hygiene items on the table hopefully a guy that won a lot of money off the table will be nice enough to take food and some if not all the hygiene items. It depends though. A lot of poker tables won’t let you play if you ain’t got food.

  10. I was a houseman I was responsible for the bag but I never got a commish card my commish was passing t iij me and only money played was paid for outta the store jon Kraus Detroit mi

  11. Price Keene Reply

    You can always tell someone that don’t know shit about Poker.. They the ones with the sun glasses on playing 1-3 😂

  12. Price Keene Reply

    I play poker for my income out here in the real world but I only play Holdem or Omaha. Fuck all this rigged shit I Lose my commissary that my mom gave me.

  13. christopher pritchard Reply

    Badugi is spread at every high limit game like aria and Bellagio etc. Its also part of the mix in the mixed wsop events

  14. Perkin Warbeck Reply

    You know Mr Jelico was a straight up professional hustler hustler whilst locked up just by the way he shuffles those cards non chelantly at the start… my man!

  15. Robert Zumock Reply

    And he straight robbed you he said if nobody gets it it goes to low ball. Nobody got it. That means faces or dooky not getting it is not getting it. If y'all was in the joint hands would have been thrown over that slime ball shit!

  16. Robert Zumock Reply

    Follow the hoe Queens are wild and what follows the queen are wild but if you hit another queen whatever shows after that is wild and the previous one aint wild anymore

  17. I swear you guys hit this shit on the mark this is exactly how it goes good shit ya’ll 👌😂😂

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