Yes, epic gamers and Detroit: Become Human fans, Connor’s coin tricks can actually be performed in real life. Watch our tutorial to find out how. It’s a follow up to our ‘All 5 Connor’s coin tricks EXPLAINED’ video ( so make sure to watch that one first.

Our main focus in this tutorial is on catching the coin between two fingers. Yes, it’s possible. We also address your comments and finally answer the questions, like “Can coin tricks from Detroit: Become Human video game be performed in real life?” or “How to throw, flip and roll a coin like Connor?”

Here’s a list of key points with timestamps:
2:20 selecting the size of the coin to perform Connor’s tricks
3:47 main prerequisite for the catch – sideways muscle pass (easy, learn it here
6:01 basic catch of a coin (advanced, horizontally)
7:18 catching the coin by the edges (extremely hard, but we believe in you fam)

Learn another cool coin flourish – the coin roll here –
Learn all of the coin tricks to increase your chances of successful raid of area 51 this September.

It’s been over a year since the release of this amazing game for PS4 and now rumour has it Detroit: Become Human will be available for epic PC gamers. Anticipating the potential surge of requests ‘how to do coin tricks like Connor’ or ‘Detroit Become Human elevator coin trick’, we got you covered with this instructional video fam. While in our previous vid we explain all five tricks performed by Connor in that #DetroitBecomeHuman lift scene and teach you the Anti-Gravity Muscle Pass, this one will finally make you a complete coin throwing machine able to prove Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire wrong.

Bryan, Amelia, love you guys!
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Additional footage used:
Bryan Dechart (Connor) does his coin tricks irl –
Connor Army { Meet Up at E3 2018 –

Were you pissed with any of the coin tricks? Coin or bitcoin? Do you support Cyberlife or #ConnorArmy? Or were you simply looking for Detroit: Become Human ending (or all endings) or gameplay walkthrough by jacksepticeye or pewdiepie and stumbled upon our video? Let us know below.

DISCLAIMER. We do not reveal magic tricks on our channel, although we acknowledge the impact and all the benefits (views and popularity which usually result in good sales of branded goods) that come with it. Unlike many other channels that blew up in the recent years, we believe that teaching something that is being kept secret within the community and exposing someone else’s work without permission is going against our integrity and magicians’ ethics.

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Camera work by Vitaly Chaban:

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В этом видео мы учим, как бросить и словить монету, подобно тому как это делает главный герой игры Detroit: Become Human Коннор.

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    ATTENTION EPIC GAMERS. Learn this first before attempting (or face consequences):

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    Выпускник 2007 аоаоаоаоаоаоао

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    I can’t do the muscle pass , there’s something wrong wit me

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    This Guy Can Catch A Speeding Bullet With His Barehands…THE MATRIX!

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    All the dislikes are from the people who said that this was immpossible

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    Wow that guy at the beginning really sounds like Connor, weird

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