AMD Radeon™ Game Advisor provides game settings guidance, making it easy to personalize your experience. In this video learn how to use Radeon™ Game Advisor to generate a detailed report, which suggests ways to improve performance or increase image quality.

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  1. Jenis Sanghani Reply

    But for mine Radeon 540 mobile GPU can't open Radeon overlay with new update 19.7.1

  2. $289.. $339 and $389 would make these cards more appealing and sell way more stock.. Prove to use games that you have our backs and that your not going to price gouge us..

  3. As long as it's not available for Linux is useless.
    Windows with it's spyware, adware, bloatware Windows 10 is dying fast and then we need all to jump ship to Linux.
    But AMD, why don't you create the same control panel also for Linux?

  4. AMD software needs to come to Linux. For GPU and CPU and it needs to be like MSI Afterburner. Meaning an entire system monitor. Not just GPU and for windows and Linux..
    An AMD style GPU boost needs to be introduced and AMD can use their XFR logo on that. Something similar to Nvidia GPU boost and the Ryzen system.
    I have used AMD and Nvidia. AMD software from the company is superior. But MSI has set the global standard for monitoring and EVGA has solid software as well. So AMD needs to work with Sapphire and drive this home some how.

  5. Enders Jehuty Reply

    This should´ve been " how to screw yourself with an overpriced gpu line up"

  6. Harsesis Hok'tar Reply

    Thanks for this info. Sometimes useful information isn't so apparent.

  7. Please do something about the rtx super launch I really want to buy navi at a better value

  8. Maybe your next video can be on how to appropriately price new video cards.

  9. So basically all it does is recommend you to turn down your graphics settings so you'll see a bump in fps.. Can't I just do that on my own?

  10. This is too good. Making life easy is the best way to sell…. I truly hope you dont bumpup the price ij future. I love your product and i dont need to sell kidney to buy new AMD pc… please keep it that way and you will be number 1 if not already.

  11. Don Guru de Bro Reply

    It would be cooler if you could set a target (minimum) refreshrate/resolution and it shows you what settings to use in each application

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