“Your PC ran in to a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error: KERNEL AUTO BOOST LOCK ACQUISITION WITH RAISED IRQL” Getting this blue screen of death message so often in windows 10 or any other windows versions? You can fix the problem quite simply!
Firest of all You should be connected to working internet! Right click on windows start button and select device manager (alternatively you can right click on My Computer or This PC and select “Manage” chose “Device Manager” from the pop-up window). Go to System Devices and select “Intel Management Engine Interface”. You should be connected to working internet. Now right click and update it! Restart your pc and everything should be fine now!

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  1. Computer Garage_org Reply

    Hi guys, Ive seen this Kernel Auto Boost Lock Acquisition error many times before, The most likely cause is an issue with a device driver. If you have already tried to update the driver and you are still getting the issue try uninstalling the driver, then reboot your machine and re-install the newer driver. If you are still having issues try running a chkdsk on your system , this will fix any corrupted files you might have on your system.

    Next I would try a BIOS update, Then disable all bluetooth devices in your machine, then last thing I would try is to run windows updates.

  2. didnt have an option of intel management engine interface but i updated the driver below high precision timer so im hoping this works!

  3. ElusiveClarity Reply

    Amazingly, this worked for me! I hope to never run into this issue again. I thought my laptop was dead for good. Thanks for the help!

  4. As with others I have an AMD based processor, not an Intel. What process did you follow to determine that it was the Intel Management Engine Interface the was causing the problem on your computer? If we knew that process, maybe we can create on AMD machine.

  5. before taking this as a bot spam comment hear me out, had the same blue screen stop code and scoured all over to realize it was a related to the Bluetooth driver and went through all the shit like disabling 3rd party Bluetooth drivers (of which there were none), doing system recoveries and the like before trying this. and this method in the video worked the best. so to save yourself time do THIS method and make sure each driver is individually updated first. thanks fam.

  6. Charitha Gamage Reply

    This error come up when your drivers are not updated so this problem vary according to your PC..

  7. I solved my problem by turning my computer off for a couple of days and then letting the computer restart itself two times. I did not have to do anything. I also prayed and I think that worked too.

  8. I dont have the Intel Management Interface in my device manager. Is there another option?

  9. Larisa Pshenitsyna Reply

    I spent several hours poking around this problem … I have a newer computer that doesn't seem to have ANY problems with Win 10 KNOCK ON WOOD … The problems started exactly when I bought an IOgear blue-tooth dongle and iHome blue tooth earbuds. The earbuds had the worst audio fidelity ever- that's another story. When they lost connection and or I turned them off, turning them on would instantly result in a BSOD. I took them back and got a pair of skull candy barrel headphones … they have far better audio — still got BSOD.

    After reading many possible solutions and farting around for a while. I found two solutions that "work" for me. Win10 all software/hardware up to date.

    One suggestion was:
    Disable the host (your bluetooth dongle) turn the headphones on and wait for them to enter "ready to connect" mode.
    Turn your dongle back on and the headphones should connect with no BSOD … This seemed to work alright for me and my wife even reported "that's what i was telling you, just unplug the dongle and turn them on and plug it back in" I dont like the idea of plugging/unplugging the dongle so i just used windows to disable the blue tooth dongle.

    Solution two: the final solution
    I uninstalled the software from the dongle MFGR (after trying the CD that came with it AND downloading "latest" version from their web site) and rebooted windows. This seems to have worked. So far I've powered the phones on and off twice with no BSOD … First time they had a red/blue alternating tone, which I think maybe I just restarted them too fast … Second time they connected and started working with no issues.

    Hope this helps anyone still getting this error. It seems like a driver conflict.

  10. Larisa Pshenitsyna Reply

    I use an AMD processor, I don't have an intel setting, what do I update on AMD?

  11. It didn't work! I hit restart and as soon as I touched the mouse the blue screen popped up again. I'm officially at my wits end now. And then another blue screen popped up saying windows could not load properly, giving me the option to restore to a previous moment in time when it was working properly or cancel. I hit restore. And now the screen seems to be stuck in black with the Dell logo. Help!

  12. After the update, Do I have to hit restart? or could I just turn it off and on again? I'm actually scared to hit restart cause that's when the blue screen would pop up.

  13. Barbara Lynn Reply

    Worked GREAT! Thanks, so much – I was trying all sorts of things trying to resolve this all morning and finally decided to give up and do a search on the error message. I followed each step in the video and all is well…

  14. PurpleKalmar Reply

    Well I get these blue screens every now and then and my intel driver was up to date so…

  15. Popoyo Dank asf Reply

    It did not work at all it's just stuck at the beging then when I click or try to do some in the lock screen it just crashes and says it's going to restart by its self

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