Should you use a laptop or PC to make games in Unity and other engines? What’s the best for Game Development?

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  1. honest to god, been using unity on my desktop for years and holy shit i can't wait to switch to a laptop. seeing the same workspace every day, sitting in the same chair for hours, not being able to work on my game outside of home really hits you in the face. would love to sit outside on a nice sunny day and still get work done. just a few more days and I get my asus tuf a17

  2. What about rendering problems where the laptop will overheat to 97 degrees within 5 minutes?

  3. VinnyRulesGaming Reply

    Haha Iโ€™m too young to get a job so I code on my crappy 4 gig ram laptop, I need to use so little ram that I use notepad to code.

  4. Thomas Mayhugh Reply

    Thank you. Feel more informed being Un-knowledgeable about tech and programming. Feel like I take some more steps towards learning to game dev.

  5. Solomon Bartholomew Reply

    Hey there I just wanna ask which is the better one between laptop or desktop?

  6. I got a laptop and I dont like it. It's so loud and I never go anywhere so I dont even need the portability.

  7. Ryan Johnson Reply

    I have a reasonably powerful laptop from 2 or 3 years ago. It has 8gb if ram and is running on an AMD FX. I donโ€™t have the laptop with me so I canโ€™t specify much. I want to get into game development on unity. Do you think a computer like this can handle 3D game worlds. I want to create mobile games. Any good?

  8. Adee Liyanage Reply

    hey !! love your vids !! do you work for a game dev company ? or u a indie dev

  9. Gian Domanais Reply

    Hey. Just watched your video and it really helped in being firm in my decision to buy a pc for game development. I'm currently saving for a pc now cause I want to study game development on my own. Are these specs enough for a starter like me?
    2.33 GHz quad core processor, 16 GB RAM, 1 -2 GB Graphics card.
    Really liked to hear your opinion. Thanks.

  10. Josรฉ David Lebron Reply

    Im looking for a very good pc for game making. My budget is 900$. What you recommend me?

  11. Emilio De Saldanha Reply

    Using laptop with i5 and intel integrated graphics with 8gb ram is still not enough for doing level design (at least for me)

  12. Electro Baz Reply

    Do yโ€™all think a MacBook Air/Pro is worth it for game development?

  13. Lucifer Morningstar Reply

    any recommended pc for game development? i want to make AAA game

  14. 2080 super or 1080ti + ryzen 3700x or maybe dual 2643 v2 ,what dou you think ?16 ram ,2 tb hdd and 1 tb ssd.does it good for 2020 for beginners ?

  15. FallenBlood Games&Tutorials Reply

    I started game development in laptop — 2 gb ram,512 mb vram

    Now I have pc
    Spec – i3 9100f processor
    8 gb Ram
    Rx 560 4 gb vram

    And plz subscribe to my channel, I also made video related to unity

  16. Me and My gaming life Reply

    The price tag for the MacBook isnโ€™t just graphics and ram, itโ€™s also about durability

  17. Vladimir Rakonjac Reply

    For Unity MObile Game development, how much is graphic card important?

  18. ฤฐsrafil รœzรผk Reply

    ending music? God ๐Ÿ˜€ thats Turkish how you found it ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I really want to make a game that's in the 70s about the drug trade

  20. I have a 19-97000F
    Rtx 2080 TI
    And itโ€™s pretty good for gaming n development but itโ€™s 1.9K pounds

  21. Lee and Mandy Battersby Reply

    hi my son is going to be starting university doing a game design course and was wondering which laptop you would reccomend

  22. Hi Sykoo, I really appreciate your videos, great channel indeed!

    I would like to start creating some indie games in Unity and I've this laptop:

    CPU: I7-4710HQ 2.50GHz
    GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 860M + Intel HD Graphics 4600
    RAM: 16 BG
    HARD DRIVE: V-NAND SSD 860 EVO Samsung State solid drive

    Do you think such laptop is good for building high end graphics games in Unity or should I think about buying another (gaming) PC?

  23. Azem Night Boti Reply

    What do you mean about asus vivobook f510qa for game development ?? Reply pls

  24. ุฏูˆุด ุจู„ูˆู†ูƒ Doosh Blonk Reply

    I use unity 3d with 4 gigabytes rams and 1.6GHz Cpu with Intel Graphics And The Engine Is not bad

  25. Dinitha Lakmina Wickramasinghe. Reply

    Hey im going to study game development course [unreal engine 4] in our local university.
    So im gonna buy laptop [asus vivobook pro m580gd]
    Specs are i7 8750h & gtx 1050(4gb) + 8gb memory
    Is it good for game development?
    I dont think gtx 1050 is good option for that buy i dont have much money for spend.
    How many fps I'll got from engine with those specs

  26. JoeCensored Reply

    I have a day job and try to do game dev on my desktop, but because I get a lot of work in on my lunch break and just before going to sleep on my laptop.

    If you have this setup, the laptop just needs graphics around the min spec for your game. A lot of game dev doesn't involve playing the game, instead coding and messing with prefabs and scenes, etc. Just save the work that needs the high end graphics for when you are on your desktop. YMMV

  27. I needed a new laptop about a year ago to support my game design and development. So after digging around online on what I should get, I decided on a Surface Book and picked it up for around $700 off of eBay…

    And I can confirm that it is probably the best purchase I've ever made in my life. My life wouldn't be the same without it, especially with its touch screen and pen capabilities. It is so heavenly. The only thing that really bothers me about it is that I wish I got a bit more space on my hard drive!

    There's also a battery drain issue with gaming but apparently there's workarounds that you can find on Reddit and such.

    My desktop has since mostly turned into a gaming rig now that I do all my music and game work on the laptop ๐Ÿ˜…

  28. Connor Payne Reply

    I am using an All In One for Unity right now. When it's fan is running it sounds like a Keurig before it starts brewing ๐Ÿ˜…

  29. Hey man, really useful video. I really need a laptop as well, due to travelling. Im at a lower end of budget, around 1k gbp. Do you have any thoughts on hp omen laptops? They seem to be reasonably priced. That or an alienware?

  30. Tuckerminerman 7 Reply

    Man, and here I was using my lil' ole $200 school laptop with unknown graphics card (not sure if it had one) and an unknown core making fancy scenes in unity 2018.3, guess I was doing it wrong this whole time.

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