Improve your lean manufacturing techniques with this brilliant game from
Lean games. Plug factory simulation – this lean simulation is based on
assembling 3 pin plugs, it is a ideal simulation to demonstrate the
following concepts:

– Layout
– Push/pull
– One piece flow
– Kanban
– Work balance
– Benefits of training

People are so much more willing to challenge working practices in a
simulated factory and are quick to identify waste in the system. This
provides ideal foundations for starting to challenge and find opportunities
in their own areas of work.

Lean games provides complete, ready to use simulations and kits for use in
training and implementation of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement
techniques. They are intended for use by consultants, in house company
trainers and academics.


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  1. Gon Kim Jae Reply

    Dear all,

    Please let me know.

    What is the various rounds of the game, meaning of rounds?

  2. cashiodrive Reply

    I like lean but it would be more interesting to see the game played backwards to rid optimization

  3. amazing video, I want to learn more. Can you upload longer duration videos

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