NOTE: I forgot to place starting concessions. Each banker card has a printed shield between two map cards, and that is where each controlling player places a concession at the start of the game.

Are YOU going to burn heretics? Are YOU going to save Europe from the dark ages? Are YOU going to become the Pope?

Probably/Maybe/I bet someone will!

Learn how to play Pax Renaissance in this video.

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The player aid used at the end of this video can be found here:


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  1. Tim Sadowski Reply

    Are you by any chance located in New York? I would love to get a game in. The video is great and I very much enjoy the way you explain some basics of the game, focused.

  2. Very nice video! Watched this a few times before playing for the first time tonight!

  3. Very nice and informative video, I subscribed. The sleeves gave the cards a very faded look and diminished color, maybe remove the sleeves for video demonstration purposes (then quickly get them back on). Thanks.

  4. Gonzalo Guillamon Reply

    Do you have any plans on doing other games of phil elklund (particularly the BIOS series)? Rulebooks are very messy, and i really liked the explanation of this one.

  5. Matthew Robinson Reply

    top notch video – would love one that goes through all the one shot actions.

  6. bushibayushi Reply

    I love the music, it's very relaxing and helps you get in the proper mood ;). Great job with the video. What brand are those black/white back sleeves? I thought they only come in the CCG size those are standard american. 😉

  7. Good video, but that's only the very basics. Also, the music is nice but a bit too loud imo.

  8. Excellent introduction. I think it is the perfect key to open the rulebook, or the perfect preface to a teaching game. And I know it required a lot of skill and even more work to put everything upside up.

    Thank you for a job well done!

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