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During our trip down to Hi-Rez studios in Georgia, we decided to tour the studio in a unique way. Duke takes us through the six step process that brings a God into the game of Smite.

If you want to check SMITE out for yourself, you can download the game for free here:

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  1. rusko dudesko Reply

    I want to work here so fucking bad I have straight A's an AS in math and working on my BS in computer science.

  2. Talha Altınel Reply

    what about programming? :'( i am crying so hard that my profession is not shown in this video :'(

  3. Unknown Atlas Reply

    Weed out the stuff that's not fun or irritating." Then why is Loki still here.

  4. It's a shame they only cover art. Would be nice to see the process with the producer(s), programmers, sound design, etc.

  5. 5:13 … this line is just terrible ! why don't make hades like the second god … so hype!

  6. Susca Ionutz Reply

    I would like to know what apps do you use to create a god ? I would really like to create a god 🙂

  7. I'm hyperventilating a little it; MAN I want to be a concept artist!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wilfredo Cerda Reply

    At 8:44 I just wanted him to say:
    Hi! Welcome to TalkSupport!

  9. OMG, it's EREZ ( none of you would get who erez is, if you havent watched a minion has spawned by hirez)

  10. InvincibleThor Reply

    the least serious informative video i've seen in a long time. I lose the creatures but seriously I wanted to learn some actually interesting video game development and the entire video/crew of Hi-Rez is immature. I liked the informative parts though…

  11. Jacob Warrington Reply

    Image how op it would be if they had Chuck Norris or Morgan Freeman!

  12. Elvis Osmanovic Reply

    since i dable in cg indutry i know how long it takes to actually make the god..90% is desing and concept…if proficient u can model rig texture and animate a character in virtually 2 days even with 2-3 ppl…and when u have existing engine even implementing is quite easy aide the bug fixes post-lunch…so all in all…game studios are a) lazy b) keep us in suspence of waiting

  13. Wait so all the gods are designed, animated and made by a couple of guys? .-. What do the other employees do?

  14. Jordan Fondots Reply

    Also, 16:17 has Ena drinking a Yuengling at work? During the day? Hi-Rez seems like a pretty cool place.

  15. Wrangle McDangle Reply

    When they add Jesus Christ into the game, I'll continue playing it…

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