andyisyoda uses the andyisyoda 5×5 building techniques to make 7 upgrades to a humble survival base. This base ends up with a redstone wheat farm, a sugar cane farm, a melon farm, an afk fish-trap, an auto smelter, map room, villager trading post, library and enchanting room, brewing station, a mine, an armour room, a trophy room and much more!

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💼 Texture pack is Stevens Traditional or UTB 1.14.4
🎹 Main music Minecraft Default Music

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Q:How to support andyisyoda
A: Like videos, watch videos without skipping parts, share videos, watch livestreams, become a channel member ( OR support on patreon (link above)
Q: What texture pack or shaders?
A: Shaders above and texture pack is stevens traditional for most videos except modern houses.

When making this base I considered:
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  1. jackson hardaker Reply

    dont wanna be the bearer of bad news but that mob farm aint gonna work lol

  2. Thats looks like a starter base to me it's really cool build tho

  3. DyNaMiC King Reply

    My base is kind of secure but kind of ugly also because it's mostly oak fences :/

  4. minecraft tutorials Reply

    Yesterday you liked my comment i think and now its 3.28 AM Hahaha i hope you see this again you inspired me so much keep up the great work and next maybe you should do 5 upgrades for ice village maybe bye

  5. It's the same concept for bases as with various male animals in nature, the cooler you look, the better you are, as you can divert more time/energy to your looks rather than surviving.

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