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7 Games later after being drafted #1 I’m still coming off the bench! I had no choice, but to talk to the GM about this BS! After the meeting I dropped a triple double coming off the bench. I finally get the starting nod next game.

1:40 Splash
2:02 Set Jennings up to get stuck
2:30 And1
3:32 Coast to coast shot clock cheese
3:46 Smoove 2 Smoove, I need to upgrade my dunk
4:05 Sexy bounce pass out of double team, then Gordon oops me
5:30 Another sexy bounce pass
6:35 Back court ankle breaker and splash!
8:00 The Brow running the floor
11:15 Press Conference
11:47 Magic Johnson knows about me now!

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  1. Simas Adomaitis Reply

    Smoove I`m playing 2k13 right now (cuz I missed it for some reason). I am an 8th overall draft pick and in my 7th game as a Blazer I player as a starter and for the 8th game I was on the bench so… Yeah… And I`m not buying VC

  2. getmoney gaming Reply

    ey smoove I love your splash song can you tell me how you make it

  3. Henry Hawkins Reply

    I remember one time I through up the alley oop and he slammed it it down and it said bad pass selection and I didn't get an assist. The commentators were like ohhh he just threw it to himself! and I was like dafuq?

  4. I was drafted by Portland 6th pick 3pt specialist and i was a starter in my 12 game. You just have to score alot and at the end coach feedback says (we will give u extra minutes)

  5. whats the name of the game at the begining ??? pls answer somebody

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