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🏆・Platinum hero
Obtain all trophies

・Look who’s here!
Save the princess

・Not slippery when wet
Find the spiked boots

・Ollie Wake
Find the flashlight

・Dust, hair and 2 flies
Find the sticky glove

・Fishy-fishy, oh my!
Find the diving mask

・Sir Oliver
Save the knight

・Assassin’s Greed
Find the dagger

・How to drain a dragon
Kill the first boss

・You need to keep stealing
Save the thief

・Anti-bug spray
Kill the second boss

・Anyone called Nathan?
Find all treasures

・This light is painful
Escape the dungeon

・Dynamite Ollie
Destroy 5 walls with bomb

・You’ll never forget them
Kill 50 monsters

・Leaps of faith
Do 72 jumps

・Standing on the edge
Don’t fall from edge for 30 seconds

・Hey, try to catch it!
Throw the sword 100 times

・What are you, some Aquaman?
Find the underwater treasure

・Death knocks thrice
Die by the spikes 3 times

・Don’t spoil my story, bro
Activate the statue

Find the bomb

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  1. IBadDriverI Reply

    Cheat code : God Mode , unlock all equipment items
    Pause menu Press , up , up , down , down , up , up, right , left , left , right , triangle button

  2. flybikesbmx Reply

    Easy? I dont believe anyone who says they made the double spike jump at 6:21 in under 10 goes its a nightmare

  3. Fahad Alazraqi Reply

    without god mode this game would be a 6/10 . Those bosses ! Are you kidding me ?

  4. Danke fürs Video und den top Guide 😊bist echt richtig top,weiter so

  5. Trucking with Marty Reply

    thank you for always keeping us at date for those easy plats, im almost at level 100 now, thanks

  6. Trucking with Marty Reply

    let me tell ya, your so annoying to follow lol, taking break, go left pause, rush, break, right left pause, rush break, geezus sloooooow down ffs

  7. StarkesHolz Reply

    God Mode das ist ja dann besonders einfach. Danke das hilft sehr.

  8. CyberDragon Reply

    Nice find, currently running through Sea of Solitude, since it on sale. I do have this game. I got it Tuesday, this will be next.

  9. 45 minutes…. damn, that is long… Damn, I got lazy as shit 😂🤣😂🤣

  10. Brian Campbell Reply

    Great we game allready got the platinum for it without cheat code didn't no about the cheat at time lol great guide tho love from Scotland ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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