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  1. ابن عماد EbnEmad Reply

    i have just RANDY ORTON number 2 .. 6stars 😂😂

  2. The big boss man was also known as The Guardian angel the boss and Ray traylor and Big Brother Rogersand big bubba rogers or big bubba

  3. notaprofessional Reply

    I know this is an old video, but I believe, or at least, judging by Supercard, (the app based off of it) grey is Common, green is Uncommon, Blue is Rare, purple is Ultra Rare, Gold/Yellow is Epic.

  4. conal murphy Reply

    yes he was big bam biglow rip bam big low sad he passed away last year

  5. Gustavo Rivera Reply

    i'll trade you my stone cold steve austin chip for your randy orton and i do want to see more videos like this

  6. Rated R Sports Cards & Games Reply

    Big Bossman was also known as Big Bubba Rogers in WCW..

  7. I would like to see more videos of this game.
    I got a Gold Power Chip in one of my two packs it is a Rey Mysterio Gold 5.
    The Legend I got in my other pack is a Vader Legend 15.

  8. Chris Kaliber Reply

    Boss Man was only Boss Man in WWF. He went as Ray Traylor in WCW way back in the day. Bam Bam was only himself. Bam Bam vs L.T. at Wrestlemania was what he may be most known for.

  9. LinearAlgebra4Life Reply

    get some more wwe stuff and tna tristar cards but more powerchips!!

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