In this video learn about how Radeon™ Game Advisor measures game performance and generates a detailed report, which suggests ways to improve performance or increase image quality.

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  1. AI should predict as a 3 button option click to show how much it improves from current settings if we choose for option 1, 2, or 3 optimization setting and what it turns off etc (In real time) .. It's pointless to say if you turn the settings to high the frame rates would go higher. So many steps you have to go through and in and out of a game.. should be one click.. and it shows in real time the improvements then you accept and continue to play the game.

  2. Artem Yurchenko Reply

    AMD, stop pls! If you release GameAdviser, people will no need to watch billions of tech channels on YouTube – they can just open this thing and set graphics settings by THEMSELVES! This kills tons of stupid videos and stupid tech reviews! JUST STOP!

  3. Nice video, but stop showing us the guy and instead show us what HE IS doing. Can't see through the back of monitors yet…

  4. You mean PlayStation Assist, right ?? damn those rumors must be real !!!!

  5. Please just fix the drivers… I have so many problems and I already reinstalled them 3 times with DDU

  6. Егор Дорофеев Reply

    There 1 russian teenager, with i5 4440 from 2013.

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