today we learn how to foundate differently

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this goes to toward building shaelin a time machine so she can meet david bowie

bc she deserves it

and i don’t think she would take the responsibility of the potential ramifications of time travel lightly

she would tread softly in the realm of seasons passed

this took a pretty bizarre turn

anyway thanks shaelin


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  1. Aastha's Makeup Closet Reply

    Can’t wait to try out this technique. Thank you Sam and Shaelin 😊

  2. Sharon King Reply

    Your beautiful with our without makeup , show your truth your beautiful Sam

  3. Allison Sommers Reply

    I am so glad I found this video….I’ve been soul searching for a video that shows I this technique from start to finish.

  4. Hi Sam. I don’t normally comment but I could here ur voice cracking on the verge of crying 😢so I wanted to respond. Have you thought about your skin differently? Have u thought about the inside which controls your gut. Thats why you have acne. If you want to know more watch Ben Fuchs on YouTube 7 types of acne. Ur problem is food allergies. Ben Fuchs is ur answer. He’s fabulous!!🚒 I hope u check him out and I hope it helps you. It’s help me tremendously!!

  5. Tiffany Slone Reply

    The way you described how much blush and bronzer you put felt like you have been watching me do my makeup for the last few years. That's my exact problem which is why I was looking up a video and came across your channel! You are soooo down to earth which I love and even though this is an older video, it definitely helps still to this day! Since we are in quarantine, I have plenty of time to go and watch all of your videos now lol. Thanks for being genuine

  6. Kelsea Shires Reply

    Just discovered what this product is and was told it was for a natural looking foundation routine and thought " I can search Sam Mac face and body and I'm certain something would pop up " LOL 💟😀

  7. Wow!! I love this, I've been using more cream products recently but I'm going to give this reverse routine for sure – thanks you!!!!

  8. I know this is old but I teared up during your tangent about women being expected to look perfect without having to do anything. The presence of influencers like you is really important ❤️

  9. jami laundry Reply

    “I’m just going to foundate my ear.” Hahaha Love a new vocab word.

  10. It's so crazy….when I first clicked on your video my first thought was how naturally beautiful you are….then you started talking about how you feel you dont live up to societal standards. I forget that even super beautiful women like you still have insecurities. Why are we so hard on ourselves, and why do we compare ourselves to other women so much? We're all beautiful ❤

  11. Silversprings89 Stevie Reply

    House of Fraser has the bronzer drops for £17! Go go go people!

  12. Angela Jones Reply

    I just recently started having skin issues and getting breakouts for the first time in my life. Im in my 30s so completely understand your frustrations.

  13. Kalani Moore Reply

    This is my very first time watching your channel. I LOVE you. 😆😆❤️❤️

  14. You poor thing. I’ve had acne my entire adult life! I’m in my 40s now. I feel your pain.

  15. Mason Rex Whitton Reply

    You should watch The Scott Barnes technique on Tati Westbrooks Chanel. He does the cream highlight contour and bronzer then foundation on top

  16. jackie reinstedler Reply

    Love it!!! Jaime French sent me to you:)
    Would this technique work with powder bronzer, blush, highlight? I may need to try it out. Thx so much!

  17. Alicia Wistrand Reply

    I know they say rubbing alcohol is the worst for your skin but im one oily bitch and out of the thoudands of acne products ive used i swear to god its the only thing that sucked those suckers out my skin lol ok not that dramatic but it literally was almost gone in a day. Ive literally had terrible skin since i was 10.

    I used to cry and pray that god would take my acne away when i was little lol girl i know the struggle.

  18. stacy bennett Reply

    I wish I could use cream products! My skin is too oily ☹️

  19. Shawna Ball Reply

    I feel the same way about my skin, I could cry about mine too 😭 it’s super upsetting.

  20. Shira Reinberg Reply

    I also have adult acne and I found that cutting out sugar most dairy (low fat dairy) and gluten almost totally cured it. I cut it out because of my pcos and my always pimply skin suddenly cleared up. I only break out now before my period. It's honestly the only thing that's ever helped me with my awful acne.

  21. Satsuki Itsuka Reply

    Hey Sam! Maybe you could’ve done one side in the order you normally apply the products and one side with the foundation over all the other products so we could’ve seen the difference of the looks?

  22. Saaaaaaaaaaam I think the TF Shade + Illuminate glow stick has been discontinued… I see you put a link in the description for it when you posted this video back in November but I have been searching high and low and can't find it anymore. SAD.

  23. Hannah Arrell Reply

    This technique is also used in theatrical productions! They lay down the highlight (usually a pure white color), contour (usually three to four shades darker), and blush before foundation. They use it to counteract the harsh stage light washing out their face and features! I never thought to apply it in everyday use, but a bit more subtle!

  24. shannon kim Reply

    Don’t cry don’t cry. Ugh I totally feel you. I have rosacea + dry skin + sensitive + acne prone. Skin sucks ass. Why can’t we all have baby butt skin lol

  25. Sarah Hobbs Reply

    Was trying to decide how to do my makeup for work tonight, and remembered this video. Dammit Sam. I might be a complete crossover now. I fucking love my face right now.

  26. Wow, I used to do my concealer first then foundation the whole time I’ve been doing my makeup until a few months ago when I somehow came upon a makeup tutorial. I started putting on the foundation first then concealer and I really hate it. I hear you say that you wish you continued with the way your makeup looked before and don’t know why you changed it up and with this tutorial it makes me feel better and plan on going back to the way I used to put my face on. Thank you for making me realize that it’s okay to do my own thing.

  27. Lindsay J Pitcher Reply

    Sam, you are beautiful! I get it, no one wants frustrating skin! I went thru a terrible skin thing a few years ago. I’m older than you (35), but… have you tried out the k beauty skincare regimen with legit Asian products and legit Korean techniques? I have literally never had more clear, normal, less textured skin in my life since I started this 3-4 months ago. People to watch – @JamesWelch, @Gothamista, @TheBeautyBreakdown, @EmilyMariko You are gorgeous! And I love your vids! Oh PS remind me what you use for putting your beauty mark back on!? Bc my skincare lightened my beauty mark off entirely! XO

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