Roblox Horse World update with Skeleton Horse and funny moments!!

What happens when a star constellation and a rare gemstone collide? You get lots of awesome (ME!) Haha! I’m Lyronyx and I LOVE all things gaming. This is my official YouTube page. I’m a family friendly, kid gaming channel. I play lots of different games, but mostly Roblox. I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and follow along as I discover new things in the world of gaming! #LySquad!

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  1. Carmen Trottier Reply

    I know this is around a year ago but I just wanted to tell you when you fly and try to go up you don't have to keep clicking the up button all the time you just click it once or twice and hold to go up. Unless you already knew that then pls ignore this comment TwT

  2. Fashionista Girl Reply

    wait i could hear the growl thats wierd you cant if we can! if you can hear the growl
    LIKE didsike if you didnt

  3. skeletal horse growl like in ‘dragons life’ and ‘How to train your dragon’

  4. Lyronyx pls friend me in roblox im a mega fan username:Jazmin_rosegirl

  5. lyronyx you’re the apsilute best i watch you’re video,s everyday

  6. Rainbow Team playz Reply

    I saw I skeleton horse
    It looked just like u it was as purple as yours

  7. yoo thx for this video this helps me decide whether i want the skeleton horse or not AND luv that style u put for the horse!!

  8. Love Unconditional Reply

    Hi lyroyx on my computer 💻 I have all the game passes and I just got the skeleton horse and its awesome I love all the emotes it can do my favorite emote is pile of bones because if you were playing with your friend you could just press pile of Love your channel bye!!!❤️

  9. Scott Crowell Reply

    Hi love your vids i am my dad’s daughter using his phone so i want to tell you on my computer i have Roblox and on roblox in horse world i have every game pass but the skeleton one 😂. Love your vids on horse world😍

  10. Mahdia Rosekh Reply

    I Love you and i Love yor fing in horse world and Farm world

  11. xdreamingxly Reply

    Hello lyronyx im amber so im u hug fan so im make u yt canl I all ready have 100000 subs so i have all of the surf on Roblox on all of the gams

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