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  1. ENCRYPT3DBR0K3R Reply

    I am a new buyer and thank you for this creation Square Off. I only have one request as a new player to Chess: Please add some sort of learning system or education system for new players who know nothing about this game.

  2. Tyler Rhoades Reply

    Damn I started drafting up a design and found almost exactly what I was going to develop.

  3. can we buy this product in indian mart and please let me know how to buy

  4. 0:43 imagine with a time difference of 12 hours.
    I didn't see any fun playstyle of this AI. The board is secondary.
    A Go board that moved like this would be an insta buy.

  5. Andy Hawkins Reply

    Here is what you need to know before purchasing this board. First, there aren't many people in Square Off's pool of players to play against especially if you want to play longer games. Second, if you link it to the timer keeps running during the time it takes the pieces to move. Third, if you link to the app is most likely going to freeze up on you before you finish your game. Fourth, the company's customer service is lazy. On all their app reviews they copy and past the same line about how the problems aren't typical. A clue: when you copy and past that 100 times, the problems are typical. The idea behind this is great. The execution of the idea is terrible. This product simply isn't ready for prime time yet. I can't even find a 30 minute game on which shows that the app doesn't link properly. Can find one on the web browser instantly. It seems that it only allows you to play blitz on because it only shows your blitz rating. Problem is that the pieces move way to slowly to do blitz. False advertising really!

  6. If it was not application dependent, I would have bought it right away. In 1988 I bought one "computer Chess board" from UK which had similar sensors to know the coordinates by pressing the pieces & beep sounds, but the pieces didn't move. It's still working. It worked completely independent of any mobile phone application.

  7. Now what would really impressive is if the knight actually jumped over the pawns

  8. I love the concept and how it works! A couple things need to be changed and it’ll be perfect.. The computer should always move its piece first, before removing the opponents piece from the board. And you shouldn’t have to press when picking up and setting down. It should be simple NFC instead. Also, App dependence is going to make this obsolete very quickly.

  9. gryphon12321 Reply

    Is there also an indication whose turn it is? For those long games in which you play a turn just before going to work or sleep.

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