This week I made a table top version of the “Bimini Ring” game.

Supposedly…. American novelist Ernest Hemingway loved to fish, and while he was on a fishing trip in Bimini…. He snagged a big Tuna, had a few brews, and created this game.

Most of the time you’ll find the larger version in bars… String and ring hanging from the ceiling, and a hook on the wall. But… I wanted a table top version, something that would fit on my desk.

It’s played by: pulling back directly in front of the hook with the ring and string fully extended. Swing the ring gently, and try to hook the ring

Each person gets five tries with each turn. The first one to get five ringers wins the round. Ringers do not have to be consecutive, and the best 2 out of 3 rounds is a match.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Mr. Pink By: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena


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  1. Fireroadie : Reply

    I just made one today and I have not be able to stop playing it. It help take your mind off of what is going on right now. 4-3-20.
    Thank you

  2. Grant Handford Reply

    Looks like a fun little project. Do you ever paint or stain these then sell them?
    I might try and see what I can get for one. Until every other woodworker in my area sees what I am selling lol.

  3. Shane Wimer Reply

    I just made one for my brother as a birthday gift. Your video helped inspire me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. susan pillarella-bryant Reply

    can you give us the measurements for the wood needed, please

  5. Pamela Littlefield Reply

    Hi…that's very cool, I live in Maine & i'm gonna be making 1, could you plz tell me your measurements, the base etc? thanks !!

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