Hello there! My name is McHorse, and for the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been busy working on a mod called Emoticons.

This mod features custom player animations and 18 (or possibly more) custom emotes (with some portion of emotes from Fortnite). This video showcases most of the animations.

If you have any suggestions about the mod, I’ll be glad to hear them out, however, I might not necessarily implement them.

Special thanks goes to Andruxioid for making Fortcraft’s logo!

Also, thanks to my Patrons for supporting me:
– AzureZhen
– EchebKeso
– ycwei982

Also, this video featured a lot of Minecraft players (in chronological order of appearance): Robin_Hood, jeb_, disc, Snoop, DiscO_o, Discot, TheFamousFilms, Snifferish, RETARTIE, SladeBlade, WolfFlash, SlySuptic, Hyriell, PixelDip, Frtc, SethBling, _TroloTroll_, MrZarp, ItzGreen_YT, HuntsAdventure, TherealP455w0rd, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT, Radient_Sora, Notch, DerpSteve, Andruxioid, TIL_Joshua, Ps3killa, JacobReach, Mouskegamer, Lycoon and ExplodingTNT.

P.S.: I just realized that I forgot to include ElectroBleach, fuuu, I’m so sorry *cry*

— Links —

Social Accounts:
– Patreon:
– Twitter:
– GitHub:
– Discord server:

— Assets —

– Blockbuster:
– Metamorph:
– Aperture:
– Minema:

— Music/Sounds —

SFX by freesound.org members, YT audio library ( and Minecraft.

Music from YouTube audio library:
– Gas Pedal by Diamond Ortiz
– Diskofunque by Francis Preve
– Seven Twenty by Diamond Ortiz
– Ubiquitous by Diamond Ortiz
– Arp Bounce by Geographer
– IDCIDK by Geographer
– Bird Road by Density & Time
– Nightingale by Eveningland

Nguồn: https://vikings-jersey.net/

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  1. You might notice that the title says Emoticons mod, while in the video it says Fortcraft mod. This is due to my decision to reband the mod before the release.

  2. To be honest, this mod needs more attention. The animations are just amazing.

  3. Franklyvee Bringino Reply

    Guys.is the mod can allow on mobile or pc only? and btw how i can download it?

  4. This mod have a problem. Im holding the shield in right click, and he doesnt make anything. Elyta is disappear and elytra anims is anormal

  5. Roblox Gamer 312 Reply

    How do you? Do Emotes now? its 2020 and i just installed it.. and idk how to open that Menu to select the emotes

  6. This is stupid because it just shows that minecraft copied fortnite

  7. It makes me go savage mode when I press disable non-emote animations

  8. Karlo Pintar Reply

    Easily one of the best mods out there, but there is something I would like to know; How did you make the actors use the emoticons or did you edit them in the editor to use the emoticons?

  9. Nick Chamberlin Reply

    This is absolutely amazing….
    By chance, could you tell me where you got the skin of the guy with the 3d glasses? I just looked for an hour and cannot find that skin and it's amazing. Did you make it?

  10. woooow didn't even have the decency to put the link to the mod.

    such a scum bag.

  11. Dennis Gamer - Roblox Reply

    well i cant find the other mod because im only fav the emote <3

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